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Hunt and Snare / Ver: r5.27c

Release Year: 2020
Release Date: 2021/10/05

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Rufflenecks

Platform: Windows / Mac / Linux
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: r5.27c
Game language (plot): English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: (Win x64/Mac-OS/Linux) / CPU: i5 / RAM: 8GB / VRAM: 3GB / HDD: 8GB

**Update to r5.27c

Description: Hunt and Snare is an open world adults-only furry hunting game with strong focus on sexual content and interaction between characters and the world. While there are heavier topics and darker tone to the lore (such as lands ruled by a ruthless dragon and it's oppressive regime, sickness stricken islands, and crippling poverty) the approach to sex, sexual themes, and love is very warm-hearted, open, and passionate.
This game only features consensual acts between adult anthropomorphic characters.

Grab your trusty rifle, load up some tranquilizer ammo, and start your hunt; The islands of Skiir and its beautiful and exotic wild prey await!
Recruit your favorite captures to your ship crew, trade away the rest, and use your well earned crowns to buy new equipment, upgrades to your ship, clothes for your crew and yourself, or spent it on precious gifts for your favorites. (This describes upcoming features.)

Lead your favorite crew on sexploration trips, explore mystical islands, discover weird and rare things to spice up your interaction with your crew members and the citizens of the cities and towns of island archipelago of Skiir.

Travel between islands with your frigate, The Unnamed, and engage in ship-to-ship combat against pirates or in duels against the pesky Dragonfire Fleet captains with your ship and your sword for fame and glory! (Upcoming feature.)
Discover uncharted islands, visit major cities, choose to be free!

Huge options to customize your character with; From micro details like nipple shapes and sizes to macro details like body shapes, tails, and breast sizes, to colors from patterns, to genitalia, to eyes. Create characters of your dreams, and either play the game with your creations, or use them in Showroom to just experience raw sex with no strings attached.
Customize your preferred hunting weapon; Change parts of the rifle to specialize in shorter range, or even longer range than normally, mod ammo capacity with different kind of clips and magazines, customize visuals of your rifle, or just use a bow or crossbow instead! (Upcoming feature.)
Your ship is your template. If you want to specialize in combat for ship-to-ship action, put more cannons on decks! If you prefer crew and cargo space, and a bit more luxorious ship, invest in nicer crew quarters and more impressive mess hall. (Upcoming feature.)

Don't like a specific fetish? You can disable it and you won't run across any acts containing it! Want to experience only one fetish? Why not!
Adjust your prey spawning and gender combinations to your liking!

Installation and launch:
No installation required.
Copy or move the Hunt and Snare folder to a place convenient for you, do not forget to re-cache the torrent if you want to stay in distribution.
The application is launched by the ruffleneck.exe executable file located in the root of the folder.

Handout content:
Hunt and Snare - Windows r5.27c

Hunt and Snare - Linux r5.27c

Hunt and Snare - Mac r5.27c


NEW - Island - Kizan - A new jungle island players can explore and hunt Kizan on. DO NOTE THIS IS THE FIRST PASS OF THE ISLAND, and mainly contains NPCs on the upper part of the island, while the lower part of the island is only for hunting! There’s also two new music tracks for Kizan. Visit Juin after talking to Selis and Horveek to get started on ship quest! (Also don’t forget to talk to Kort, he can help you travel up and down the island later!)
NEW - NPCs with full acts - Pherris (MxF, short ful), Kort (MxM, kizan), and Alizeth (FxF, tall davh) on Kizan (upper part).
NEW - Steamworks mod support - Mods can now be uploaded and downloaded via Steamworks too, instead of just manually. (NOTE: The page is not enabled prior full release of the build, but uploader does work!)
NEW - Ful subspecies for Davh - A tribal fox subspecies of davh native to Skiia. Has a unique fox head morpher, 6 unique ful skins + 1 generic fox skin shared from Davh, and 4 tail variations. The wild ful on Skiia are replaces with the actual ful subspecies; Old captures are not updated as they’re technically just davh with fox skins!
NEW - Advanced Fur - New fur system on characters with improved visuals and generally better performance. This requires DX11 GPUs, but older hair shells system is available for non-DX11 GPUs. Has options menu option added to furs.
NEW - Species specific vaginas - Added unique and more detailed vagina meshes for each species.
NEW - Added smooth penis and vagina option - It is now possible to switch to “smooth†(undetailed) versions of penis and/or vagina in options menu. The option allows disable or enabling both individually and only on player, on npcs, or on everyone.
NEW - Softbody effect - This effect adds some additional “tertiary†motion (if primary is animation, and secondary is jiggles) to softer body parts like breasts, butts, and stomachs. Morphers adjust the softbody effect amount (e.g. small butt wobbles less than big bugg). Has a new options menu option related to it.
NEW - Map detail pass - Skiia map is now updated to a more detailed and accurate one, and matched in ratio with Kizan map.
NEW - MODDING - Custom NPCs and conversations - Ability to create new written NPCs with ability to use existing animations on modded characters. This feature allows adding custom NPCs with unique dialogue that can reuse sex animations used by other NPCs.
NEW - MODDING - Conversation overrides - Ability to override conversation nodes to expand or change conversations of existing NPCs (e.g. reuse existing act to give a sex act to Aruth).
NEW - MODDING - Character overrides - Ability to override existing characters ingame, although pre-made NPCs will always keep certain parts to ensure they work in-game.
NEW - MODDING - Helper tool - Will print out location information and certain previews to help out setting new NPCs and act locators up.
New - Prey special palettes are reworked to be both more colorful but also truer to original colors; Generally it means that there’s one or two bright colors on special palettes instead of a fully muted palette replacing all colors.
New - Quality of life “portals†that make some travel actions easier and faster; E.g. Ship hull ladder leading to ship from the sea. Or ladder on Kirhaal dock leads up now, instead of forcing player to jump up. Or ship portals to dock when looking towards right from the ship exits or crew camp when looking left.
New - Minor NPCs - Lumbergirls Kara and Rotta on Skiia lumbercamp, and Losch and Droog on Kizan.
New - Vision blockers added to tall(est) grass/wheat on Skiia; They block visibility to the player while hiding in the grass, but prey will still spot the player if they get too close.
New - Reworked all spawners on Skiia to improve both coverage and availability of certain skins.
New - Reworked Skiir’s Wrath pass. It is now event driven as opposed to just barren pass you walk through.

Added a toned body material for certain faelain characters (Timathi <3 and some new ones).
Added one shot blurbs to some NPCs or locations in-game.
Added jiggle performance tweaks to enable and disable jiggles based on distance.
Added missing kizan head morphers to character creator.
Added fur performance tweaks to enable and disable fur based on distance similarly to jiggle, also culls the fur meshes out completely at distance.
Added permanent collars item to followers that can be removed like a normal item when recruited to crew.
Added body furs to characters, filtered based on species (e.g. faelain and ful have all body fur, davh has limited, while kizan has none).
Added back button to character creator.
Added tail randomization to character creator randomizer when species icons are clicked.

Dialogue additions to Horveek so that you can talk about his gun more.
Dialogue additions to merchants around the market place so that they can be asked more about Horveek.
Dialogue is added to the crew on Kizan, and after they’ve met with Juin for the first time.
Dialogue additions to Alphron, Aruth, and Rolan to add topics about Horveek and Shiri (and Selis in case of Alphron).
Dialogue additions to Bimmy to talk about their sailing a bit more after encountering Pherris on Kizan.
Dialogue improvements to the dialogue of Timathi, and Girda.

Hunt and Snare / Ver: r5.27c


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