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Are these sex games with microtransactions pay to win?
Man, one of my biggest pet peeves in the world is “free” games that lure you in and then hit you with an impossible paywall. If you’ve been playing online porn games for a while, you’ve no doubt had the same experience: you’re slicing, dicing and humping your way through the dungeon, having a great time, until suddenly all the enemies are too hard to kill without buying some in-game weaponry with real-world money. Fuck that tripe!

A lot of these sex games do you have a gacha system, with in-app purchases available for various power-ups, characters, jewels, and big-ass guns that look like dildos. That’s how they can afford to give away the games for free. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do gacha, though, and these games do it right: it’s always completely optional, with no game-ruining penalties for those of us who want to play for free. These games are free-to-play, but never, ever pay-to-win.
Hentai Heroes
Online Sex Games 1-04-2022, 05:12
HentaiHeroes, aka Harem Heroes! It’s time for more Nutaku game reviews! Today we’re looking at one of their flagship games that’s been raking in the big bucks with hot visual novel action and
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Cunt Empire
Online Sex Games 12-01-2022, 23:06
CuntEmpire! It’s time for another smash hit. Are you ready for this one? Cunt Empire is another in a long line of online-only free porn games that’s sure to keep you hard for a very long time. It’s
324 603
Nutaku | 50+ Online Sex Games
Online Sex Games 14-07-2020, 02:51
Time to talk about the most influential porn game website ever made. – Well, second most influential if you count yours truly. Nutaku is officially a game platform where you can find free online porn
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Sia Siberia iStripper
Online Sex Games 1-05-2022, 09:52
This is one girl who needs no introduction - Sia Siberia! One super sensual and seductive Russian bombshell of a model who many of you already know. With her talented cosplay performances, that have
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Big Bang Empire
Online Sex Games 20-07-2020, 00:20
BigBangEmpire! From the dark ages of porn, the industry really had come a long way. Back then, the highest form of pornographic content was from CDs and DVDs that you usually see somewhere in the
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Kamihime Project R
Online Sex Games 19-07-2020, 23:57
Kamihime Project R is one of Nutaku’s most popular games ever. You might remember me having talked about these guys before, since they’re pretty legendary in the porn game scene. Their shtick isn’t
9 223
Online Sex Games 19-07-2020, 23:34
3DX Chat! Have you been looking for a whole new experience in a porn game? Tired of those generic, single-click types of gameplays? Holy fuck, do I have a game for you. Let me introduce to you a game
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3D Sex Villa 2
Online Sex Games 19-07-2020, 23:09
Strap yourselves in, lads, it’s time to review a legendary porn game. 3D Sex Villa 2 Ever Lust is one of those porn games that comes out and gives you everything you ever asked for, and you wonder
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Crush Crush
Online Sex Games 16-07-2020, 03:43
Today we’re talking about Cookie Clicker, sort of. Well, we’re looking at Crush Crush, which is one of Nutaku’s more original takes on the dating sim genre, with a ton of smut payoff for your
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Booty Calls
Online Sex Games 16-07-2020, 02:06
We live in a very capitalist day and age in which every industry is pushing for the lowest common denominator bullshit, because that’s what makes money. Companies are hard-pressed to make the
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Online Sex Games 16-07-2020, 01:44
Fap CEO is a complex look at the camgirl industry in which you build an empire of camgirls while balancing their emotions and workload. Just kidding, this game is about as deep as those porn videos
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Pussy Saga
Online Sex Games 15-07-2020, 23:35
Ever wished you had a magical sex fairy guiding you into the pants of the hottest chicks around? Well, if you have, apparently you’re not alone. That’s pretty much the exact premise of Pussy Saga. In
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