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Almastriga / Ver: 0.31

Year of issue: 2020
Release date: 2020/08/04

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Taboolicious

Platform: PC / Windows
Publication type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.31
Game language (plot): English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: English

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 10 x64 / CPU: i5 / RAM: 8GB / VRAM: 2GB / HDD: 1GB

Description: What is Almastriga?
Almastriga is a classic metroidvania game where you play as Jane, a cursed woman at odds against a great evil that wants to use her as a vessel to cross into the world’s dimensional plane and take it over. However, Jane quickly realizes the curse isn’t all bad.
Do you have what it takes to help Jane withstand evil’s lure and rid herself of her curse before it’s too late?

Current State of the Game
Right now the game is in pretty heavy alpha and is in no way representative of the final product. We’re currently trying to get together a demo that shows off all aspects of Almastriga while also creating a solid test environment as we refine the combat system, implement new features and design the game’s various enemies.

Installation and startup:
Installation is not required.
The application runs the Almastriga.exe executable file located at the root of the folder.


Smoke doors/portals now active
Adam's gathering spot, Job will activate once the room is discovered
Purchase, Sell, Upgrade, Craft of potions now available
Quest board now active
All shops now have the item icon showing (so you can see what you buy, sell, upgrade, etc.)
Echidna's pixies now have SFX
Damage is now split between raw damage and elemental damage
Returning to main menu asks for confirmation

Bug fixes
Jane "ramp up" fixed in exterior stages, still need to check for other areas with this bug
Jane movement while ducked on platforms, fixed
Potion downgrade after dying, fixed
Unable to jumpdown from some platforms,fixed
Double input to jumpdown from some platforms, fixed
Double selection in menus when using K&M, fixed
Josh's shop double text, fixed
Game not paused during control menu screen,fixed
Map bugged after reaching the last cavern room, fixed
Confirmation screen in NPCs menus getting stuck, fixed

Almastriga.rar - 1049085357

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