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Oyako Rankan

The protagonist works in the family mansion Kamishiro that is nestled deep in the mountains.
The wife of a gentleman who he loves as his mother,
her daughter, like older and younger sister to nego.Geroyu to stand up for these beautiful girls, for evil has intended to impose on them their evil clutches. For this, he has to get close to them, violating certain prohibitions, but such is the price of their salvation. Mom and two beautiful daughters - who will be the hero really close? ..
Majo Veronica ~Owaranai Majoku Rengoku~

Witch and the immorality of the story that is spun by two people one set of heroine -
Chapter 1 [Holy Knight-]
It was involved in a conspiracy that wriggling "witch hunt" and its behind the corrupt church, devoted themselves to God believe in God "knight" and "Sister".
Dirty a disservice given to the body that do not know the dirt.
Perverted pleasures that began to grow in the girls, A New gradually led to the world that out of the girls from the way of God.
Chapter 2 [Kyuketsuhime-ni Once it was settled in the castle museum was the residence of the presence of the empire, noble "vampire woman" and tag along "maid". Listen to its reputation, witch for the first time in one thousand years to visit the place where had once lived. The ...... without knowing it and becomes an opportunity to change the relationship of the vampire and the maid.
Chapter 3 [Brave-ni "Satan" led by Aragau to empire to dominate Asmodian is, star of human hope "brave". The duo is a disciple of both "witch", and truly the position of each other, and had signed the exchange while knowing it.
Satan as nobles of Asmodian, hero ...... as human commoner.
And caught the hero who infiltrated the venue for the Demon King assassination, when the facts became clear, ...... that Sakeenu humiliation and tragedy occurs.
Treasure Hunting! + Oni Planet - The Clan Pack

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RE111858-Treasure Hunting! -The Adventure of Claire-
RE122100-The Oni Planet
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+ Special high res cover artwork by Yontaro (outfit and nude versions !!)
+ All new "AfterStory" bonus scenario for Oni Planet (with voice acting !!)
+ CG and scene viewing modes unlocked from the beginning
ONEONE1 put their hearts and souls into the eroticism of H scenes with:
public birth / eggspawn / drugged clitgasms / clit twitching pleasure / aphrodisia in the steam /
machine and contraption fuckery / exhibition / climax / tentacle porn / ahegao (gapeface) / oration & birth /
gangbang / r * pe / kyojin (giant woman) and more, featuring double orifice penetrations, nipple fuck,
fist f * ck, massive clits, bludgeon fuck, gut punhcing, full nude brawling, masturbation on the park bench,
Jokei Kazoku III ~Himitsu~

The island belongs to the influential family Karasawa,
which honored the power of men over women. But, after the death of the head, it appears that there is no male heir. Therefore, in order not to lose prestige, it was decided to call the four daughters, and choose among them worthy. Tomoki, the protagonist of the story, arrived on the island for the sake of revenge Itami, her husband's eldest daughter. Hero knew that death was head of the family was not accidental - Itami a hand in it and start time control all the money, ruining the company. To achieve its goal Tomoki will go to any measure. Four beautiful girls and places as the leitmotif of history, promise an exciting struggle for power on the island, which can be a prison or a tomb for some of the characters ...
Crusade Heart Karen ~Juin Sennou no Wana~

Threaten a person Cruel soul Naru goodness, Makai of inhabitants is, invites the corruption of people the world - While nun Karen Stewart is only to serve God, exorcism nurses that have mastered the mystery which expelled the Demon in the holy fist.
That day also, I headed to the demon extermination at the request of the villagers as usual. After all, when you return to the head temple-Rekurisu monastery of nurses, there has been occupied by the powerful Imma, it had become a den of town each monster.The burning in anger, gets into the church Karen. To trying to save the Chief girl Pope of Sister, but ... she was the succubus is Shukai enemy had possessed.
Mizukano! ~Mizugi no Kanojo to H Shiyo~

In the future, the ice in the South Pole had melted, causing the global sea levels to rise. The popularity of swimsuits had exploded as people got accustomed to a life next to the sea. One of the top-selling swimsuit makers bought one of the new islands Takaojima and built a research school there. At this dormitory school, those who help out with creating new swimsuits do not have to pay a portion of their tuition.
Asa kara Zusshiri Milk Pot 2 Litre ~Futanari Shimai no Dosukebe Roshutsu Senzuri Akihabara~

Upper Class Girl "Yuu Nozomi temple Iori" chanha,
For introverted character and natural physical characteristic "Hermaphrodite" (epicenism),
A wound repeated Masturbation good terms secretly well.
The Hentai-like sexual desire and self-consciousness that continue collecting. Though "I am so pretty, as for me, nobody praises me" ..!
Iori who drifted unsteadily without one's place to stay being found,
Find Elderly Sister, Kaori who became missing in a town of ○ Hara in Tokyo, autumn.
"The Elderly Sister which was the only understanding person" ...... The Elderly Sister which I respected ...... Will do what now ......?
Iori who I followed the Elderly Sister, and sneaked into a multi-tenant building of ○ Hara in autumn, Therefore be eyes nisurukotoninarunodesu by a scene terrible! !
Shinsei Futanari Idol ★ Deka Tama-kei ~ Tsuika Ibento Tenkomori! Shasei no Utage Special

The game requires no installation! Download and play!
Riko and Mizuho's antics are not over yet ...... !!
Riko: "I want to be the top of the tops! Watch me become idol queen!"
Mizuho: "It's a true privilege to work hard bringing pleasure to all my beloved fans."
Two glimmering pop tarts with wangs in their ever-wet panties go further every day to meet the skyrocketing demands of their fans ...
Presented in dating sim-style ADV format; however, this is a linear path (no branching choices). You can sit back and enjoy it in auto mode. Hentai entertainment brought to you by a dedicated staff!
Rendezvous with the Stranger: Adventures of a student

Student life is full of surprises and surprises, and college years - the time of true friendship, true love and sincere joy. Immerse yourself in the world of bright and not always innocent amusement students of a Moscow university to witness exciting adventures, which will be a major participant yourself.
You will meet with five charming girls who maybe want you closer relationship than friendship. You will find yourself repeatedly in a very piquant situation for which you need a permit lot of intelligence and common sense. You will visit the student dormitory to take fitness in the gym, try to take the exam a beautiful but very strict young teacher ... In short, you will not be bored.
Immerse yourself in the world of bright and sexual entertainment students of a Moscow university. Witness exciting adventures, which will be a major participant in yourself!

This simulator courting girls from ILLUSION.
The protagonist, a young man named Nanao, decided to spend a holiday in the countryside. The house where he was staying, living three more girls, three little sisters - Nanoha, Noah and Yakumo. From that moment, at your request, Nanao could "stir up" with any of the three. For what the player is given almost complete freedom of action. You can just follow the girls to communicate with them, invite to a different location.

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