Booty Heroes

The addicting nature of Booty Heroes

Gaming as an industry has grown immensely in the past decade, and nowadays new titles are being released on a daily basis. This is especially true for the naughtier side of gaming which consists of countless erotic sex games. Although there’s such a high number of games, it’s rare to find one that can captivate the player into gaming for hours on end. Luckily the internet has made it easy for new developers to research what makes it so that they can make a game that everyone can enjoy. Booty Heroes is an idle roleplaying game that’s packed with content, hot girls, and a gripping story.

What puts this game in a league of its own is the sheer amount of content that gamers can interact with. Whether someone is a complete newbie to the genre or a veteran, they can find countless aspects of the game which they can enjoy. Some play for the gripping story and phenomenal hentai rewards whereas others are intrigued by the gameplay and leaderboard system. It’s easy to see that the team behind Booty Heroes truly adores this genre, so we’ll be taking a deep dive into the game to truly find out everything that it has to offer.

Gripping and erotic storyline

Upon loading up Booty Heroes the players are instantly transported into the story as the main character finishes the spicy and exhausting foursome. Although he thought it was over, he’s quickly transported into a fantasy world that’s packed with gorgeous magical babes. Players swiftly find out that the goddess Amura has disappeared and left everyone aching to orgasm, so they rely on the Chosen One to save the day. You as the Alpha are tasked to battle your way through enemies with the help of the stunning but fierce women you come across through your journey.

The One World that must be saved consists of the World of the Abyss, the Great Empire, the Eastern Lands, the Realms of Darkness, the Cursed Wastes, and the Clockwork Kingdom. In all of these different locations, you’ll discover new opponents that you must defeat, but also befriend lustful characters with amazing backstories. Aside from exploring these unknown territories, you’ll also receive countless rewards in the form of raunchy sex scenes that are a part of the story. With each victory on the battlefield, you’ll be one step closer to finishing your main goal of returning Amura back to her throne.

Although the story begins with a classic trope of an alpha male in the regular world banging hotties, it gets quite complex as the game progresses. When magical elements are introduced things get a bit more complicated, but thankfully the dialogue in the game is perfect so that the storyline still makes a lot of sense. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to be immersed in the world of Booty Heroes whether or not they’re gamers. The story has been written in such a beautiful way that even if the game was in the Visual Novel genre it would work amazingly.

Fun and surprisingly interactive gameplay

Although Booty Heroes is an RPG idler, the developers have added a lot of fun options to improve the gameplay. You as the player aren’t able to control your characters on the board, but you are allowed to position them however you deem fit. Outside of the battle is where you’ll be spending most of your time, upgrading your beautiful heroines. Upgrading and evolving improves their overall stats and makes them much stronger when the time for battle comes. Gameplay stays the same throughout the entire game, so to spice things up you can always try out completely new classes and position them differently.

After each battle the story progresses and you’re rewarded with juicy sexual art that’s tied to the story, but also XP and oftentimes items. These items you receive can be upgraded as well and equipped on your characters so that their abilities deal more damage or heal more. Aside from there being 5 classes, there are also 6 elements that they can represent so you have a lot of options in terms of team composition. Every element and class combination improves certain aspects of your team, but it’s also important to know what classes work best with one another to make the best team possible.

The intense action-packed combat system

Once the player feels confident enough in his team comp they can begin the battle and watch it play out in real time. Booty Heroes plays out like a turn-based game, in which each hottie on the board gets one attack per turn. You’re unable to choose which enemy to strike first, so positioning is crucial. Each stunning girl you use has a unique ability which is used as soon as the yellow energy bar is filled up. Before starting the fight you can see what enemies you’ll be up against and what classes they are, which lets you know how to structure your team and where to position your platoon of raunchy babes.

Depending on which level you are, combat can last for quite some time considering it’s an idler game. Thankfully the developers have added a speedup button on the top right corner of the screen which is extremely helpful. This doesn’t impact the action on the screen at all as all of the animations are still smooth, just sped up. Speaking of animations, each attack whether it be ranged or melee is fluid and adds to the immersion. Special abilities are much more flashy than regular attacks, so you’ll know when they’re used by the insane damage you’ve dealt and the screen being covered in extravagant attacks.

Exploring the wonderful fantasy world

Since Booty Heroes is an RPG, there are tons of areas to explore outside of the main campaign. The journey mode consists of a large area where countless battles take place, and each victory awards you points. These points can be seen on the leaderboard alongside every other player who has played the mode, and a journey season lasts three days, so many spend hours on end grinding to have the best score. Aside from receiving rewards throughout the journey, you’ll also gain special items if you manage to be in the top 6 players on the leaderboard, which incentivizes players to compete against each other.

Thea’s Girlfriends is an area where you’ll be able to collect the spiciest hentai pictures by doing specific quests. There are six parts to each character you play for, and each quest finished represents a piece of the puzzle, which turns into a raunchy picture once all are done. If all six are completed within a time period you’ll also receive a brand new heroine to fight alongside your teammates. On top of receiving phenomenal hentai art, you also uncover the mysteries of the fantasy world you’re in, so the story keeps on evolving and becoming much more intricate than what it seemed like at the beginning of the game.

There are four more areas on top of the already mentioned spaces, but the one most people use is the arena. Inside the arena, you’re able to put your team to the test against other players to see how they’d deal with the challenge. There’s also Oblivion, Temple, and Fuckula Castle which all have their own unique and gripping backstories. All of the content must be unlocked first by playing through the campaign, so the main adventure is where everyone spends most of their time.

Experience with and without microtransactions

Booty Heroes is a completely free game that can be finished without spending a single penny in it, but it does contain an in-game shop. In order to upgrade your delightful heroines you’ll need spirit, essence, crystals, and more. These can be obtained by simply playing the game and finishing daily quests as well as regular missions. Although it may seem easy to do, some battles require a really good squad, so most players choose to purchase the gems in the store. Prices vary all the way from $4.99 to $99.99 depending on the bundle that the player chooses.

Aside from currency, the store holds a great number of characters and event passes that can be bought as well. To give each player a chance to save money there are daily and weekly offers that change constantly. These sections of the store contain bundles with reduced prices but also some that can be taken for free every 8 hours. It’s no secret that microtransactions in free-to-play games are expensive, but Booty Heroes has some really good deals that everyone can benefit from. Most of the time players can find bundle offers in the daily section for only $0.99, which makes it incredibly easy for complete beginners to gather resources that will help them on their journey.

Lewd graphics and quality sound

When it comes to roleplaying games, immersion can’t be achieved unless the graphics are phenomenal. Thankfully Booty Heroes doesn’t try to go for the ultra-realistic 3D characters and stays in the hentai style. All of the characters have a unique look to them and they work perfectly in the magical world that the team behind the game created. Everything from their weapons and armor to their sexy curves and adorable faces is drawn perfectly. Although they’re already lewd from the start, upgrading them takes off most of their clothes which makes them feel even naughtier than before.

Aside from the juicy characters being drawn in an alluring style, the rest of the world is extremely detailed as well. In the beginning zone of the Millennial Forrest, the world’s filled with trees and nature but other areas contain mountains, beautiful oceans, thick swamps, volcanos, mines, and much more. Each land you step foot on to battle is different, and each place has a backstory as to why it is the way it is. When it comes to the battle sequences you’ll be able to see the details of each attack flawlessly, no matter what heroine or ability is being used. Every spell has a unique animation and sound which makes each girl you choose to be in your squad stand out from the rest.

Sound design is more important in roleplaying games than any other gaming genre as immersion is the main goal. Booty Heroes has pleasant background music that fits the magical fantasy theme quite well. Once combat begins the real effects can be heard through the auto attacks. Each heroine has a unique weapon which also produces a different sound when attacking. The most effects you’ll hear are when abilities are used. Since they’re powerful and do most of the damage, they also produce a loud noise that makes it seem like your squad of lustful chicks is truly undefeatable.

Closing remarks

Out of all the adult RPG games with sexual themes throughout, Booty Heroes has one of the best stories and gameplay in the industry. The biggest strength of the game is the fact that it can be played for countless hours, unlike others. Although the story might end at one point, players are still able to interact with the leaderboard and the arena for battling other people. Since there are constant updates and upgrades to the game, there’s always going to be something new and improved to look forward to.

Getting into an RPG game isn’t easy for those who have never played similar games, but Booty Heroes makes it incredibly easy to do so. Everything is intuitive to use and the beginning tutorial has been perfectly created to immerse newbies into the game. Experience usually matters, but this game must be played thoroughly before battling other players, so veteran RPG players won’t have much of an advantage when it comes to the arena. If you’re looking for a new game to play that will immerse you in a raunchy fantasy land full of battles, Booty Heroes is the perfect choice for you.

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