Release date: 2020
Language: MULTI

Platform: Any
OS: Any

Internet Browser: Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome (latest version) / Mozilla Firefox (latest Version) / Any HTML-5 compatible graphic browser
Graphics Card: Any modern graphics card with 2GB of RAM or more.

Pornova likes Fap CEO:
🟢 animations and models of the girls are hot
🟢 items are fun to use
🟢 diverse character dialogues and behavior
🟢 solid hentai artwork
🟢 great idle clicker gameplay

Pornova hates Fap CEO:
🔴 usic and repetitive sound effects
🔴 pricey microtransactions

⬇️Fap CEO Review:⬇️

Fap CEO is a complex look at the camgirl industry in which you build an empire of camgirls while balancing their emotions and workload.

Just kidding, this game is about as deep as those porn videos you watch on PornHub. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It’s actually pretty fun.

The majority of the game involves you clicking on your camgirls to level them up faster. But, we know what you’re doing when you’re clicking them. They don’t squeal and moan for their health!

The central premise of the game is that you run a camgirl business. But, you’re starting it from scratch. So, what’s a lonely, horny dude to do when all he’s done is whack off three times a day for the past year? Well, hiring some camgirls to start his own empire sounds like a solid plan to me.

And that’s precisely what you do.

You start with one fine piece of ass named Amber. Fuck, it might not matter how good you are at clicking. Her moaning and big, bouncy tits may have you erupting before you’ve made any money at all!

However, if you do get through the first 30 seconds without stroking your dick and blowing your load, you’re in for as fun of a game as you can get when the majority of your time is spent clicking on your camgirls and watching them squirm like the little horny sluts that they are. Amber is your foundation. One desk. One camera. And she’s going to be your bedrock for the duration of the game.

What happens in the game is that you hire these camgirls to make you money. Lots and lots of money that you can then use to buy hookers and gangbang to your heart’s content. Well, you might not be able to have a gangbang, but you will have the ability to hire more and more girls as they finger themselves over and over until you’re dominating the camgirl industry as the big dick in town.

Game Mechanics
If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re going to be doing a lot of clicking on hot and horny girls. But what exactly does this do? What’s the point? You know, besides watching them wriggle around with their hands in their crotches?

Well, a small icon appears from time to time over Amber. When this happens, her rate of bringing in that cum-caked money begins to increase. Think of it like fingering a real chick. The faster you go, the louder she’ll be. And the louder she is, the more she’s enjoying it. So, with this logic, you begin racking up quite a hefty sum of cash. Once you earn enough cash, you can hire more camgirls.

Now, the cool thing about this game is that you’re always making money. Like the steady stream of cum that’s inevitably going to spray out of your dick when “playing” this game, the cash flow never ceases. But, that doesn’t mean the game is easy. Oh, no, no, no.

You need to build the best camgirl business in the…business. And that requires a load of cash, sex toys, and experienced camgirls.

One of the ways in how the game gives you a challenge is really the end goal of the game. Early on, the main point is to build up your business in order to sell it and make a fuck ton of profit off of it. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to get rich watching girls masturbate and live out some of their wildest and lustful fantasies on the Internet?

To reach this end goal, you have to level up your girls. Each girl starts at level 1 (which I have dubbed the “fluffer”) and quickly works their way up. Every level they gain means a slight increase in the cash they’re receiving from the horny motherfuckers on the other side of the computer.

However, every level also costs an increasing amount as well. So, to get to Level 50 (which isn’t even close to the max level you can achieve), you have to be willing to shell out thousands, and then millions, of dollars per level.

This is where the balancing angle of the game comes into play.

You can keep leveling them up so long as you have money. Even though the money is always coming in, you may reach a point with all your camgirls where you have to wait to gain 20 million more dollars to level someone up.

That’s when the clicking becomes a huge part of the gameplay.

Taking advantage of this like these girls were probably taken advantage of by their big-dicked boyfriends is crucial if you’re going to speed up the process of obtaining cash.

Sexy Emails
It may not seem like this game has characters with any depth. And, you’re mostly right. But, these sluts do have problems they run into. They’ll tell you all about them via email, and you have the option of choosing how you want to respond to them.

Do you sympathize with them? Or, do you tell these whores to get back to work fingering their moist lips?

Your answers don’t really have a significant impact on the game, but it’s nice to see this feature regardless.

Oh, and by the way, sometimes they’ll send you sexy photos for basically no reason at all. So, if for whatever reason you aren’t jerking it with some Jergen’s, these photos will send you straight to Cum Town.

Daily Rewards
Fap CEO isn’t a game you “beat” in a day. It requires logging in day after day to collect small rewards like roses to give to your camgirls when they’re having problems. Or, you can give them a dildo. Your choice. It’s a nice touch that offers you something to look forward to besides beating off to your smoking hot camgirls.

What I Like
I like the inclusion of features like the items. It spices things up and gives you a little bit of variety when it comes to the gameplay. The clicking is a somewhat fun aspect. I mean, it’s hard to create an in-depth experience when your main point of action is clicking your mouse.

I really like the animations of the girls. Plainly put, these girls are hot AF. And, they send you some gorgeous photos that are sure to make you reach for your dick before you can even think about it. Adding daily rewards is also a great touch since this game is designed to be played for a bit each day.

What I Hate
The same two to three moans and laughs are heard about every minute. Also, the music is on a one minute loop. Yeah, you may want to play this with the volume off after about five minutes. Maybe throw on some porn in the background to simulate that same style!

I also wish there was more of a story. Again, clicker games aren’t designed to have a fascinating story. But, I do wish your responses to emails would change something and have consequences in the game.

Many features that could help you speed up the game cost real money. While some people will shell out the cash for these small increases in speed, many people will see this as a roadblock to fulling enjoying the game.

Give It a Try
Overall, Fap CEO is fun for what it is. It’s a clicker game. If you enjoy clicker games, then I feel like this one offers you a little bit more than its competitors. However, if clicker games bore you, then this one won’t turn you into a fan.


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