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Orc-sama to Majo ~Orcland Saga~

Oak hated from a human, and is reviled, is anathema.
Boy oak with a desire to become a human Utomi such a oak, made an appointment with a witch. "When the boy grew, this country would be to have engaged in a war with humans. If the boy has won the battle with humans at that time, let's grant the wishes of the boy." After a dozen years. As of witch of prophecy, war occurs between the orcs and humans Oak Nabatabu was a boy becomes a fine young man, I had spearheaded the war between humans as a prince of orcs. And to be a man himself is a wish you want to fulfill, Nabatabu suffering from conflicts that must contend with human beings. And war is extremely fierce, was the head to the end of the decisive battle in the preparedness of both suicide...

Orc-sama to Majo ~Orcland Saga~ Orc-sama to Majo ~Orcland Saga~

Shin Koihime  Eiyuutan 3 ~Otome Enran ☆ Sangokushi Engi [Go]~

Great power "Kure" where decoration ruha, a grandchild family unify the Tori of three countries! For newly-married life to be heated to be heated with newly-married woman Sun Ch'uan & kanmushiro, As for the cutting down with one stroke of the sword even for a Ki lid, the sex appeal offensive of the Mature Woman army corps of hodo * and others! ? eiyutan of great service training you hard exhaustively, the Part 3 start that I am fully prepared! Burn this time, and be Cute!

Shin Koihime  Eiyuutan 3 ~Otome Enran ☆ Sangokushi Engi [Go]~ Shin Koihime  Eiyuutan 3 ~Otome Enran ☆ Sangokushi Engi [Go]~

Primal x Hearts

Spring is the season of first meetings. That's what Kazuma thought when he transferred into Ainoshima Gakuen in the middle of the spring term. Indeed, the moment he passed through the school gates, he was accosted by two girls asking him to join their respective student councils. There are two student councils at the school, the traditional Gekka-kai and the avant-garde Tendou-kai. They are always competing against each other and their support is split dead even. It is up to the lucky boy 'Three Seven' Kazuma to cast the last vote to break the tie and that's why they covet him so much. Which side will he choose?
File Size: 5,90 GB
Anata no Milk Kudasai na ~Watashi to Boku to Docchi ga Okonomi?~

Sakurai Mato, the young man with a tendency that from past experience "can not be excited only in the poor girl of growth". In such him, busty sister a succubus-Teana came. "To ask do it there is! My" propensity "overcome, do not you cooperate !?" And asked the true Doo, and to overcome their own proclivities. If even succubus of technique, surely should myself also return to the honest man -! Such a pale wish, and I decided to commit to this chance encounter. And Tiana true doo of semen want, Mato you want to return to honest man in sex with Teana. And, Succubus Alicia of selling conservative body that enters by dividing there. Two people true DOO semen want,!? really Mato ...... to come to seduce true Doo both using that body, would be able to return to overcome the propensity honest man.

Anata no Milk Kudasai na ~Watashi to Boku to Docchi ga Okonomi?~ Anata no Milk Kudasai na ~Watashi to Boku to Docchi ga Okonomi?~

Seven Piece! ~Inchiteyuku Otome-tachi~

Originally announced in 2003. Abogado Powers' first chara-ge.

Seven Piece! ~Inchiteyuku Otome-tachi~ Seven Piece! ~Inchiteyuku Otome-tachi~

Sangoku Hime 3 ~Tenka Shinsei~

Again, we have to fight for the throne in the Age of the Three Kingdoms
Join one of the warring sides and conquer pretty warriors!

Sangoku Hime 3 ~Tenka Shinsei~ Sangoku Hime 3 ~Tenka Shinsei~

Love and Peace ~Otomeboshi Senki~

2000s the second half. Central Tokyo of a certain school of female students in Japan has been affected by a rare disease. It's unexplained illness that all of "virgin only" to "savage reduction" was suffering. Students will ignore the order of society, claims the selfish convenience of their own. It was a rampage to make the turf. Private Shibuyado girls school - tradition has produced the past many talented woman Gakuen, is it. Currently devastated enough nor shadow to see, it destroyed classroom, echoing roar, scream, explosion sound. The tragedy while teachers can not do anything to, was just trembling with fear. One day such and Susami Gakuen taken, a man set foot. Man of the Nam Yokoshimako-jiryo. Was entrusted with the rehabilitation of school girls by destiny, it is a super amorous of reprobate at unprecedented. Yokoshimako-ji is, own semen was the owner of a special ability to purify the women who were affected by rare disease. Now leave the desire, and Jari rolled under the public morals purification of the name, the female students, Save the crisis of this school!

Love and Peace ~Otomeboshi Senki~ Love and Peace ~Otomeboshi Senki~

Jurin no oku / Orcs of violations

Invaded the elven empire, legend of oak became a champion.
Now the human woman target!
It was committed conceived, sumptuous feast!
Estrus Oak I, and stand up!
Race catching the devil to bow both to God,
Orcs of violations, but now, again it begins.

Jurin no oku / Orcs of violations Jurin no oku / Orcs of violations

Sports Shorts -Beginning Romance With Mikami-

Have you ever felt a tingle of excitement down there for girls in sportswear?
Ahh, I wanna touch down there. Ahhhhhh I wanna lick her!
Having just such a fetish, I created over 100 animations in After Effects
and created this fully voiced touching sim with a sporty girl in Shorts.

Sports Shorts -Beginning Romance With Mikami- Sports Shorts -Beginning Romance With Mikami-

The Lady In Tights 2015

An interactive game where you have your way with a sexy lady in black pantyhose.
about 40 animations created in After Effects.

The Lady In Tights 2015 The Lady In Tights 2015

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