Mune Kyun! Heartful Cafe
Mune Kyun! Heartful Cafe

Two girls live with the guy that contains a cafe. Although girls are different characters in one, they are very similar - they are both in love with this guy.

Mune Kyun! Heartful Cafe Mune Kyun! Heartful Cafe

Gitai Saimin / Mimicry Hypnosis (ep.1-2 of 2)

Hentai drischevatogo perverted about that quite a harmless perverted, until the aliens have not made him a cheater, hypnotist, turning at the same time in prichandal gospodiisuse (tentacles), and demanding instead a fairly specific services.
The boy, do not be a fool, provided the opportunity to use the full, that's just not too expensive if it will cost so much pleasure?

Gitai Saimin / Mimicry Hypnosis (ep.1-2 of 2) Gitai Saimin / Mimicry Hypnosis (ep.1-2 of 2)

Anoko to Iikoto

Sitting somehow boys at recess and discussed boobs classmates. But as soon as our hero wanted to express their views, it is required to shut up and took him to talk in private. Our hero has not only survived, but also learned something interesting. Not only Queen Bee ozhivshuyu manga can do, however.

Anoko to Iikoto Anoko to Iikoto

Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan

Educators clan that has a strong influence at home and abroad is, Shingakuko-Osamu school that has created by taking a collective effort. There is also a boost from the country, this school is children of celebrities around the world has become enroll ultra-elite schools. MakotoShigeru school was opened by alumni of the Osamu Gakuen, second state-of-the-art Shingakuko took over their alma mater of concept. New school filled with youth is attention from the public, have now been asked to Osamu school more than expected.

Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan

Chitchana onaka: naishodesu yo (ep. 2 of 2)
Chitchana onaka: naishodesu yo (ep. 2 of 2)

Calf pump myself early in the morning tea and is served in a school. And as she was riding in rush hour, and even a train that shakes so well, that her bladder did not like it. Everything else, then there's a young lecturer appeared and rested his knee where you should not. That soul is a girl, or rather her bladder and could not stand and had to drag the calf Sensai the toilet and wiped her what she was soaked. (c) LookerA (all to present to it)

Chitchana onaka: naishodesu yo (ep. 2 of 2) Chitchana onaka: naishodesu yo (ep. 2 of 2)

Seducing the Throne

Your name is Lord Anthony Hailing. You are the last heir to the Hailing family, once a powerful political force in the capital of the kingdom. When you were a child, your family was sent to serve as diplomats on the northern frontier and keep the barbarians in check - but this was no more than a political move by a temporary ruler who sought to consolidate his power after the death of a well -loved king. He seized the throne for his own daughter, whom he had conceived with one of the king's cousins, and rid the city of his most powerful adversaries by sending them to distant battlefronts. An old secret has come to light: Lord Bigtoes discovered that you are in fact a bastard child of your mother with the former king, and the rightful heir to the throne. It's a secret that could get you killed, unless it is revealed to the people at just the right time.

Seducing the Throne Seducing the Throne

Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode

1957, December. It's been almost two years since the abduction Kuchiki Toko out of the hospital. Sister Tokisaka Reydzi, Yukari saves man who tried to commit suicide. This person - a victim of the "curse Hinn-sama," which recently was considered forgotten ... Himself Reydzi leaves no hope, and continues to investigate the disappearance of Toco. At the same time, some religious group allegedly disbanded six years ago, starts to operate again. What are they up to?

Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode

Maid Shikou ~Chijoku no Yakata~

Hero, except that with the father of the rich had been living as ordinary school student. One day, his father's body you are told that you have committed to the incurable disease. And, so that it Tsugeru traces of early father as possible, the selection of the hero of the fiancee is carried out forcibly. Good family and daughters hero father there is a large amount of debt to the company for management, wealthy daughter of bankruptcy, such as the father of the subordinates of the daughter, family of the daughter who neither go against the father of the hero .. . In other words, sales obtained it is also just as good girl.

Maid Shikou ~Chijoku no Yakata~ Maid Shikou ~Chijoku no Yakata~

Orange Memories

This is the first title by Purple Software delight, focusing on the reunion of childhood friends. Entering the fourth year of university, Hiroki received a call from Nagae Yujirou-sensei who asks him what he aspired to be in the future. He tells him that he wants to be a teacher and his former teacher invites him to his current school to gain training as a practice teacher for 3 weeks. This school is located in Hokashi-chou, where Hiroki had previously lived.

Orange Memories Orange Memories

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