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Fighting Yuna 2014

Playing on the type Shinobi Girl and Angel Girl, go jump dodging are fighting, the main difference of the game from the presence of her sisters combo of sex, that is, if the heroine caught a monster to him during sex can join any other.
He and she drank tea together 2014

A new game from teatime, or rather its Demo-version.
The game is a mod for the game Tech48 game itself is NOT REQUIRED
Brings us to the beach, where you can select the location, talk to a girl and have sex.
Extras. Information: The game weighs 250MB, but the game just one big location (beach) and 4th pose sex.
Parasite in City 2014

The main character is a beautiful blonde waking up, she learns that the entire city flooded monsters and now she needs to escape.
7th Raizin best hentai games 2014

7th RAIZIN (RAIZIN7) is an epic simulation battle game set in deep space.
Choose your player, amass your space fleet, and gain total control of the galaxy.
- Powered up from the Tenseiha game series
- Requests have been answered! All new version implementation
- Newly revised, simple game playability
- More rich character life experience like a sim game
- 3 difficulty levels: beginner, middle, expert
- Many characters, but with no voice
- Estimated play time is 5 to 20 hours.
Please try out the short but excellent demo.
Absolutely trek into the RAIZIN world!
Nami Is Stuck: A Desperate Plunder 2014

We went down into the cave in search of treasure, and the rope broke, but she saw a hole in the wall and decided that can climb, and then it got stuck. While thinking how to choose the fish came back a man.
Sexy Beach Zero 2014

The fourth part of the game "Sexy Beach" from the company's Illusion.
Around us, a tropical resort and of course the charming girl. This time it is - Ai, Bael Altarus, Rin, Hotaru, Setsuna Yagami.
Graphics have become more realistic!
Shooting Luna 2014

The operation girl to manipulate magic tool mystery "Luna", to go on board to metal lock that was turned into a den of demons
Erotic action game.
To Proceed through bypass your trap and various enemies and make full use of attack and jump, the special moves or attacks reservoir,
Erotic rush to various scenes and caught the enemy!
slime, oak, lizard, plant-based, mechanical system, tentacle, enemy characters, gargoyle, etc...
Various types are available, transition to finish the scene passes a certain period of time and being fucked by the enemy. number of stages all five stages. With a boss stage in each stage, the enemies all.Yes etch scene, there voice, sound effects Yes, Yes BGM, Yes continue,
(Larger version) There gallery mode that can be viewed freely etch scene. Because even while being attacked by a demon Various ... pick up an Madou ultimate gun, and roll back the specter of a runaway metal lock ... To be exhausted Luna! Seikon Fight!
Lightning Warrior Raidy 3

"Warrior Raidy thunder" 3D dungeon RPG from "etching etching, even lose to win" is back! Three monster Animals familiar background background Thijs, Forres and is a hero to Leidy Abaremakuri crime scene city Weiss? Of course, to enjoy the scene, the color and animation full voice to win or lose in good health Rival appeared? Whereabouts? Lover Wynn as a cell spirit of thunder? "Essence: the heroine of the previous series in the company of charming monsters predpredyduschey goes to look at his body of adventure.

Iris Action 2014

Use daggers and melee to defeat their enemies. You play as Iris, a thief who must collect valuables and carry out the instructions of the guild.
If Iris touches an enemy, she may lose her blouse or skirt. When health drops to zero, it will be nothing left to go under as the enemy and moaning under his "attacks". Hordes of various monsters, as well as many kinds of clothes that you can wear and lose the battle, to get different endings.
Frightened Hentai girl 2014

By desire and despair of the people, show up to Between the Makai and the human world and "Semama-jo".
In order to turn off the castle, witch to manipulate the sword, sheath is going to invest themselves into battle.

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