Secret Survey

Year of release: 2021
Release date: 2021/11/28

Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Salt Bake

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: 1.03 Trial
Software Key: Not required
Game language (storyline): English, Japanese
Interface Language: English, Japanese
Scoring language: Japanese

System Requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 10 x64 / CPU: i3 / RAM: 4GB / VRAM: 1GB / HDD: 1GB

Description:Two types of game modes, story mode and extra mode, are available

Story mode:
There is a status called infection value, and it rises when you receive H acts.
Once infected, it rises over time and affects stamina consumption. When the maximum value is reached, the game is over.
There are restrictions on the availability of ammunition, and the game mode is tense.

Easy difficulty is also available so that even those who are not good at shooting and action can clear it.
With Easy, there is no penalty for infection, so the game will not be over. You can get a lot of ammunition and the enemy's physical strength will be low,
so I think you can clear it even if you are violated by Guchogucho.

Extra mode:
There is a time limit and it will be cleared when you defeat a certain number of enemies.
You can unlock and purchase costumes and weapons with the reward at the time of clearing. There is no penalty for infection and you can get a lot of ammunition.
I think that various progress will be made because the time-up count will stop during H acts.
Compared to the story mode, it is a game mode that you can play freely.

Secret Survey


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