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Fuck Nights at Fredrika's / Ver: 0.18

Release Year: 2019
Release Date: 2022/04/02

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: smutcube

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.18
Game language: English
Interface language: English

System requirements (minimum):OS: CPU Pentium®4 2.4GHz ; RAM 1GB ;
DirectX 10 ; HDD 500MB

**Update to 0.18

Description: Fuck! NAF, or Fuck Nights at Fredrika's, is a pornographic parody of Five Nights At Freddy's. The goal of the game is to protect yourself from animatronics with faulty AI.

W - Front part.
A / Press left - turn left.
D / Press right - turn right.
S - Open the monitor (when viewed from the front).
The monitor can only be controlled with the mouse.
Spacebar - Close the door you encountered.
When you open it, the control appears in Toy Box mode.

Teddi (Bear) - Wanders around, occasionally turning off the lights. It really doesn't do anything until late at night, when you are trying to find Chika. When attacked, she will come to your right door and wait a bit before entering. To stop her, simply close the door.

Chica (Chicken) - Absolutely silent and can enter your office at any time without your knowledge. Watching her on the cameras prevents her from moving (unless she's already walking), but it's pointless until she's in the office hallway. She only goes to the left door, but never appears in the doorway. However, if you notice her in the cell when she is about to enter, she leaves.

Bonnie (Bunny) - Stands on the stage and does nothing until she hacks you in. If she hacks you and you don't fix it soon enough, your power disappears and she attacks. To stop the hack, open the monitor and connect the green power nodes to the battery nodes. It should tell you how to do this when it happens.

Foxxxy (Fox) - Stays on one camera and gets mad if you don't watch her play with herself on your monitor. If she gets too upset, she runs down the hallway. If you manage to stop her at the door, she waits and taunts you until you finally open the door and then she attacks.

A new male domination scene with Chica
If you look to your left while Chica is trying to break into the office, you will cause her to stumble backwards. Clicking her when she's on the ground will trigger a new male domination scene.

Platinum/shadow toys have been added to the toy box.
Players with the appropriate achievement can now purchase platinum and shadow versions of the sexbots in the toy drawer. Halloween/Festivus toys have also been updated to use the new achievement system.

Bug fixes:
Fixed the brightness slider and increased its effect.
Restored Springtrap's ability to use the "Look" feature in the toy drawer.
Fixed a bug that required you to restart the game to play arcade night after campaign night.
Fixed a bug that caused Mangle scenes to not get into the scene.
Fixed a bug that caused Foxy's Stroker in the Toybox to become invisible.
Changed the Toybox UI so that the buttons don't appear outside the screen.

Fuck Nights at Fredrika's / Ver: 0.18


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    Mark me down as scared and horny
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    the download link doesnt work, it says the max number of downloads a day has been reached
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    Ich kann es entpacken weiß aber nicht wo es entpackt wird
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