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House Party / Ver: 0.22.0

Year of release: 2019
Date updated: 19.04.2022

Censorship: No Censorship/Available Patch to Remove
Developer/Publisher: eek! llc - games.eekllc.com

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: In Development
Patches: Not required
Version: 0.22.0
Game language (storyline): Multilingual
Interface Language: Multilingual
Scoring Language: English

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 7,8,10 (x32/x64) / CPU: i5 / RAM: 8GB / VRAM: 2GB / HDD: 5GB

Description: We invite you to the Party! Let's go on adventures: discover a world of bright characters, dynamic plots and sexy guests who are eager to meet you! Work your wits, make smart decisions, or just take your chances, but beware of Frank! Get into the game! New opportunities and dangers await you behind every choice you make. Maybe you'll be the great guy and help your guests solve their problems, or maybe you'll turn into the instigator and cause drama. Get in the game! Behave yourself or be completely unacceptable - the choice is yours. Come on in...the game has already started!
House Party is an interactive 3D adult adventure where your actions can influence the next events and the outcome in a whole range of endings. Every decision you make can lead to a new ending. Ready to put your "game" to the test?
The party's already in full swing and the guests are having a great time. The only thing missing is YOU. As soon as you walk in, the adventure begins. You have to test your "cunning", your "eloquence" and your analytical skills as you discover each character's story through dialogue and "something else". The odds are on your side... if you play your cards right.
Your interactions with your guests will lead you to a different ending each time you start a new game. The story is in your hands, for it is your actions that determine the game. Moral dilemmas await you, provoking different outcomes and shaping the unfolding of the plot. In House Party, you'll think through and plan every move.
AND YES, IT'S FUN! It's a Party, after all, a real one, with that very debauchery. Careful, it's full of profanity with a ton of nudity, fights, drunken games, alcohol and sex. You're not being induced to do anything! You choose who to be friends with and who to betray, solving each character's unique stories with guaranteed stuffing in the form of fun quests and puzzles. Each character in this game is fully voiced, and very (have we mentioned that yet?) hot!
House Party is an excellent 3D game with sexy models and a good dose of sarcastic wit. A steady algorithm allows the characters to respond to a wide variety of stimulants and actions that you take with them. This game will keep you in constant suspense with multiple storylines and outcomes based on your choices.
If you consider yourself a writer or want to make games, you can create your own story to play in Custom Story Creator (on the Eek! Games website). Glue together your own story with dialogue, interactions, and thoughtful game logic. Import your stories into the game and share them with other players. It's really very easy, you don't even need programming experience. Join the many players who have created their short quests on the game's official forum and share YOUR story with them.

Extras: If the game has trouble downloading/unpacking the main story:

1.Download the story from the author's website.
2. Unpack to the path %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Eek\House Party\Mods\Stories\ (should appear two folders - Original Story and Tutorial)
Play and enjoy life.

C - sit/stand
I - inventory
O - options menu
Y - menu for removing your clothes
P - remove/retrieve your willy
1 - Masturbate (when the willy is out)
2 - Urinate (when the willy is out).
Space - on/off combat mode (left mouse - attack, right mouse - block)
TAB - remove crosshair
F5 - debug mode
F2 - low performance
F9 - save
F10 - load

The female player character can be selected in the Character Select UI (*in select releases)
Adjusted colors for most of the interactable UI elements to improve visibility
Updated cloth physics for Ashley, Katherine, Lety and Stephanie
Added garage cutscene
Added Frank mini oral scene in the yard (asset only at this time; not available in story)
Fixed an issue in Katherine’s cutscene that could cause it to get stuck
Also updated cloth on the Main Menu
Fixed an issue that was limiting what controller and mouse buttons could progress the user through transitional scenes like the Eek! Games logo and Disclaimer scenes
Fixed an issue that could cause a NullReferenceException and intermittent faulty behavior when trying to select a sorting option in the Inventory UI
Fixed an issue that could allow the UI Radial to either toggle on, or at least try to toggle on, at times it should not, which could cause it to display at unintended times or prevent expected Cancel/Escape/etc. behaviors by other UI canvases
The default controller button for crouching is now Left Stick/Left Analog (press), and the default controller button for running is now Left Trigger/LT
Player gender choice is retained in Character Select UI between sessions
Loading a saved game now takes into account the PlayerGender data within the save (fixes issues with gender swaps that can occur when loading saves)
Removed InteractiveState/State GivingBlowJob. It has now been replaced with InteractiveProperty/Property GivingBlowJob. There has been no change in functionality, but CSC users will need to be sure to refactor their stories to use the new Property instead of the InteractiveState
Two additional InteractiveProperties/Properties are now available and calculated depending on what oral act a Character is undertaking: GivingCunnilingus, and GivingOral
Fixed an issue that was preventing Characters receiving a Handjob in the Hot Tub from using any sexual sounds whatsoever (does not apply to the “M”/non-Explicit version of the game)
Player movement is now initially and exclusively tied to the WASD keys on PC, rather than having a “hidden” set of bindings assigned to the Arrow Keys
The Opportunities, Memories, and Inventory UIs for the controller no longer have default bindings and are now only accessible via the UI Radial, as intended. This frees up several D-Pad buttons for binding other Actions as well
On Gamepads/Controllers, Masturbate is now bound to “D-Pad Down” by default, as opposed to “D-Pad Up” which is used to delete bindings
The Command Console can now also use the PageUp/PageDown keys to cycle through old commands
Fixed an issue that would prevent the game from being paused while in the Game Main scene/game world while the Audio Settings were open
Fixed an issue that would allow the Player Action Menu/Player Radial to be opened while in Combat Mode, if the UI Radial had been opened first
If a Character is receiving Cunnilingus, and their genitals are not exposed (generally meaning that bottoms and/or underwear are still on), their Orgasm meter will no longer automatically increase
“One shot”/single Orgasm SFX will play again in CutScenes in the M-rated/non-explicit version of the game
Added a few more entries to the loading screen Hints
Fixed an issue that could cause End Intimacy game events to erroneously end an Intimacy session that was started after the Intimacy : End game event was called
Certain Console Commands that would allow actions prohibited in the “M”/non-explicit version of the game are now locked off if the user is playing the “M”/non-explicit version
Random CutScenes selection will now first look at CutScenes that are on the same “floor” as the Player/CutScene Star before searching more broadly for the closest valid randomizable CutScene
Input Config rebind overlay has been repositioned and recolored
Removed scrollbar in Input Config
Fixed controller duplicate detection when rebinding
Adjusted controller sensitivity sliders
Adjusted FOV and Gamma sliders
Fix for cutscene pausing
Added a bunch of fruits
Added a fast food
Minor tweaks and improvements to clothing handling, randomization settings, and misc. configuration settings in a handful of cutscenes
Improved dancing animation to reduce hair clipping
Created thumbnail for Brittney’s DNWB shirt
In the Original Story: Reworked the Muse Storyline for Madison and Derek to fit the female player character.
In the Original Story: Added alternate dialogue lines for the female player to all characters in the house.
In the Original Story: Updated the text for the Penguin when it is on the dresser to make it more gender neutral.
In the Original Story: Updated all poses and pose criteria situations where there would be a conflict between Male and Female poses. There are now separate Male and Female poses.
In the Original Story: Reworked the Sibling Warfare Storyline for Ashley to fit the female player character, especially when the player, Ashley, and Vickie are all in the closet spying on Madison and Derek.
In the Original Story: Updated the game introduction text for the female beta.
In the Original Story: Added a more robust solution for cutscenes and enabled multiple characters to randomly play a cutscene based on their location in the house.
In the Original Story: Updated all male characters so that they are able to fight back against the female player, with the exception of certain story situations.
In the Original Story: Updated all instances where characters gave the player a blowjob so that they now give cunnilingus if the player is female.
In the Original Story: Updated intimate content with all characters in the house to work with the female player character, including dialogue and context.
In the Original Story: Added a way to handle if the female player flashes other characters.
In the Original Story: Added a new introduction for Madison when playing as the female character.
In the Original Story: Updated Vickie’s endurance test to accommodate the female player.
In the Original Story: Added additional background chatter specific to the female player. Covers multiple situations, fluids, etc.
In the Original Story: Updated Rachael and Vickie’s dares to be more gender neutral in the way they are worded.
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Brittney not to follow Stephanie for prolonged periods of time, if the Player started Stephanie’s “Drunk and Disorderly” Opportunity and let her like…totes chill while sloshed for awhile
CSC: Properties (for Game Events and Criteria) will now be ordered alphabetically in relevant dropdown menus, similar to States, etc.
CSC: the Pose Game Event, when used with the Player as the selected Character, now allows for the selection of a specific gender in order to define an accurate selection of poses
CSC: the Posing Criteria, when used with the Player as the selected Character and CurrentPose as the PoseOption, now allows for the selection of a specific gender in order to define an accurate selection of poses
CSC: if assigning a Pose (true), the Pose Game Event will now show a bit more information about what Pose a Character is assuming
CSC: if checking for a CurrentPose, the Posing Criteria will now show a bit more information about what Pose the criteria is referencing/checking for
CSC: users can now search for where Dialogues are fired via Response “Next Dialogue” entries. To do this, set the Game Event Type to “Dialogue”, and enable Advanced Options. Ensure that an integer Dialogue ID was input into the Custom Event Filter Value field. Then, enable “Include ‘Next’ Dialogue Data, and Search away without having to open up those text files!
CSC: users can now search for Property Game Events and Criteria checks using the string equivalent of a Property instead of having to search by its integer ID

House Party / Ver: 0.22.0


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