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Seikoujo Claudia

King Yotsun Beruze.
Beruze called Overlord, that the expansion of the country repeatedly to war prospectus.
Beruze were rumors that hunting transform blow Bardo neighboring countries.
Bardo is a country governing the Claudia princess, had a small but rich territory.
Beruze contemplate, but to get rich land that is not to be interested in the other hand and Claudia Lombardo princess. Beruze continue the march to build a team to expand the land near the border Bardot. Beruze Princess knew that Claudia did not like the game to send a letter of surrender on the spot. The terms of surrender Claudia was not drinking is the unconditional surrender of the Bardo, but possible. Surrender must be rejected as a matter of course.
There is no drink Beruze lived provided, of course, other thoughts from the very beginning.
The recommendation is that to make a public position just penetrate.
Well equipped Beruze conditions begin to invade Bardot.

Love Rec. 2015

The story takes place at the end of April in a small school in Funakura, a quiet town close to the sea. Akira is a shutterbug who loves taking videos even during meals. He left the film research club to start a videography club with his childhood friend Chiho. He wished to create a work which will make people smile. However, the film research club's young prodigy director Miyuki strongly opposed it. It was decided at the school's information session that if they can defeat the film research club at a competition, then they would be recognized as a proper club.

Soukoku no Arterial 2015

Shuuya lives with his younger sister Mirai and attends Academy Tengyou Daini.
However, their peaceful days come to an abrupt end as their world is taken over by an alternate world called Waibin Sekai - one where angels and demons battle each other and monsters called 'creators' roam freely.
The students are forced to decide to ally with the angels, side with the demons or do neither.
No matter which choice they make, they would be hard pressed to survive in this dangerous world.
Teacher's Class -Back of Unlawful-

The hero of the series, was remembered chemist Houkago 1. In any case, it is very like him. Naturally school and girls have new ones. Sharpened years chemical skills he uses in practice, teaching girls caught their intimate lessons. Famous for its perfect subjugation of women by allowing all ports. Not having succeeded in the past, it goes to a different school, looking for new prey. He begins to work in one elite school. Perhaps there he finds a suitable slave for their experiments. This time, the school did not lying. Chemist hanging around and palitsya on girls, from what his level of arousal (Level) is raised to the maximum. You also need to talk with the ladies and brainwash them so that they obeyed you. In Game 5 of the girls have the opportunity to assemble your own harem.

Otoshiya ~Shouwaru Onna-domo ni Iki Jigoku wo Ajiwasero!~

Softhouse Seal presents a Restraint Hentai ADV of misery and ecstasy
* The concept is a Man Who Breaks Women
In a society where women rule, the protagonist is a sexual "hitman".
Known as the Otoshiya (The Degenerator) ... he fulfills the requests of men ...
for the sake of his gender and revenge on society.
* The world is a modern Totalitarian Feminarchy
Women have risen to absolute power, and a new era of laws are passed.
First and foremost ... anything a woman says must be obeyed.
Next ... if a woman does it to a man, it's legal.
Women with contempt exploit the laws for personal entertainment.
Abuse is rampant, oppression defines the lives of all men.
Cowed and pathetic, no one dares to defy the system, except one ...
the Otoshiya ... taking a stand ... taking revenge!
* The mission is Two Corrupt Sluts
A police officer and a serial molester. Two women
protected by the laws of a corrupt society, the yin and yang of
sexploitation. Time for the sluts to pay ...
Gokinjo Zukiai ~Rinjin Bijin Oyako Kousai~

Family that has been moved to the house next door.
And the beautiful mother, Naoko, helped protagonist worried about the presence of the daughter-MegumiRina is.
It would have witnessed the shower scene of Naoko, it goes further feelings recruited. But opponents in the married woman, much older women than their own. Even while worries, it will become acquainted with to meet the daily face because it is a neighbor. Or invited to or meal help the heavy lifting, and even in terms of about'll look at the study of the daughter.
An increasing number of opportunities to go to a neighbor's house, the extent of our relationship is deepened to go ...!?
The first, and either what "relationship" can be left to the choice of you!

Shokuetsu Ninpouchou ~Mugen Zecchou Ishukan Jigoku~

The House of Getsuin and the House of Kyoso:
In an age when ninja still existed, two clans went to war.
Sakuya and Ayane of Getsuin were victorious over Natsume,
the leader of Kyoso. However, that was not the end.
So consumed with revenge was Natsume she opened
the gates of hell, which unfurled and spew forth like a maw
all the unspeakable things of its bowels.
The House of Getsuin was decimated.
Sakuya and Ayane were spared death
for an acme fate far worse.
Himegoto Shin Shou ~Wakazuma Zecchou Seikyouiku~

Hero and Sanjo Tsutomukai is usually the school students to attend an ordinary school. Movement, performance, appearance is also a fairly common, is supposed to have come a mediocre life, one day, was transformed by appeared young mother-in-law. Father is a folklorist is than has been brought back a certain country women who had went in the field research as fiancee.
Although Tsutomukai that was accustomed to daring father of whimsy was accepted immediately, it could not hide the confusion in the mother-in-law, Aki does not change most of the year with their (network). Because ...... she is, because how was your favorite type of without even trying. Feelings of Tsutomukai also is not known, the innocent love students who come trying to get along with the fact that mother-in-law, he continues to be tickled the mind.
In addition to there, sister-Tsukihana (Luke) of Aki as final blow came.
It's true the opposite personality of the moon flowers and sister, but is open to sex, come Drops to Tsutomukai on a whim like a cat.
Heart of Tsutomukai between such two men continue to shake, we will be inclined to gradually sexual desire.
Father should be stopped it, not come almost back to the house from the busyness and to honeymoon.
Innocent Aki and, fascinating of Tsukihana ....
Tsutomukai without Furiharae the desire in the mind, what would dabbled.

Tokonatsu no Haramase Hitozuma Island e Youkoso

You're a student celebrating your birthday on the sandy shores of a tropical island.What starts as a family vacation becomes sex on the beach when the moms-in-law all go sex crazy! Make babies on the holiday of a lifetime! Everyone's hot, wet and ready.

Furifure 1-2 2015

1 part:
Yui quarreled with his parents and ran away from home. She does not want to go home, but for different reasons, she can not go to friends. At this difficult time it comes to the dating site Your Message Free Friends. Yui decides to rely on luck and meet this man in this holozhdnuyu night ...
Part 2:
Sequel Free Friends continues the idea of ​​the game, but with other characters. Shiomi Kaito fail in relations with opposite of the floor, but he must somehow take care of your libido. Mother Shinogiki Sumire
He dies and she badly needed the money, not to fly out of his apartment. They found each other on the dating site Free Friends. In addition to the personal problems they have in common loss of a child's brother / sister ... smekaesh?

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