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Sexual Sacrifice 2 - Tentacles and Lust Beast Island

In general, a girl, was taken prisoner on the island, where a bunch of tantakley, monsters, mutants, sex machines and what that man.
Complete freedom of movement, free camera, full 3D, designer, almost imperceptible minimum censorship, a lot of BDSM lotions and good graphics and voice. As the ability to change the appearance of girls: eyes, hair (all colors), different clothes, stockings and shoes earrings collars color them is also set to your liking, change the color tantakley and monsters, light intensity and tone bekgraund.
All the best for you.
IS ONLY under Japanese Windows. Applokal or ntle not help. Put the Japanese.
Molester Train Man Gaiden

The third part of a series of games about pristovaniya women in the subway.
At this time we have three girls and they are all from the previous parts of the game.
Choice of what kind of a girl and a place for developers to paw almost do not offer, except that at the end of igry.Dop. information:
1) Through AppLocal run setup.exe
2) If you will ask us a question about which folder to save the game, choose the second or third option, which would have been saves in the folder "My Documents"
3) Extract the crack and stuff in the game folder.
4) Copy the file from the File folder with games in Krakow (I know it sounds weird, but here are now dancing with a tambourine)
5) After AppLocal folder with Krakow run _07056353.exe
6) Play
Guild Meister 2 (update)

Play as Noel the melee fighting mage, in an all-new asskicking castle sidescroller vs. monsters! * Jump, Crouch, Attack and unleash Special Moves on all sorts of enemies. Take hits that shred Noel's robes down to nothing, then carry on nude against enemies for over 50 varieties of full-blown ero scenes.
Fight bugs and tentacles, orcs and soldiers, slimes, wizards, witches, thieves and mythical beasts, a wide variety of monsters rushing for a taste of Noel's luscious body!
Sex scenes for all monsters, including blowjob, double / triple penetration, egg spawn, plump belly, orgy / multiple partners, nipple play and more. When your orgasm gauge reaches MAX you can go to the finishing shot. Swarms of enemies will assault in gangbang mode!
Voice acting, sound effects, and BGM are all included. There is a continue option. Sex scenes are yours to enjoy in gallery mode.
Cradle Princess Episode 1

The game was created in flash. The quality is excellent, as well as all of the studio. The game begins with a screen saver in which the main character of the game, going on an evening city. Pulls out a cell phone, dials a number and someone calls. Judging by the reaction of her face, the conversation was not very
optimistic. We have to get home to her one and went down into the subway where the transition and begin events. The game has a storyline, but the options for the end of the game there. Just have a number of clips, strung on the axis of the plot. But overall, the project is executed very well. Animation gorgeous girl is amazing. This is probably the sexiest doll of all the games studio. Postproduction professional game. Groans and passionate lush curves, a girl's body is not will impress fans of this genre.
This is the first part of a trilogy game.
Ma wo Haramu Buki

Queen Celesia that was touted as the strongest captures the devil Berieru, Humans began to recognize the strong relationship with the demon even. But, was terrified the people is not the only queen. Elite of four people Chosen called "TakeHi Queen" aka. The world that were not suspected humans to believe until now the boundary of one day be completely changed. Disruption of day-to-day visited suddenly began from the accident ... Celesia. Recognition of their own will, ... that common sense that we have to believe is just fantastic. Demon that has been condescending and poor has committed a woman of humans, that games, play, While unusual spectacle unfolds for humans, TakeHi-tachi over all of their own dignity and human The confront sense of the world are likely to be overturned, go Against. Female characters full voice! ! A total of 405 sheets in the event the basic difference + CG!
Women's Club: Forbidden pleasures

In decent games hero-skromnyagi need to win the attention of him popular with girls (option: loving girls). In indecent - lots and persistently commit tailed rodent translational motion here, there and back. In Secret Wives Club, do not think all the same will, and more than once. Three unmet little wife, with whom we will deal with during the game, declare their claims at the beginning of the first ... hmm ... saver. In the future on the horizon, there is no single "conversational" selection of events will indicate the natural and obvious way.
The plot is simple - three ladies have decided to chip in on a teacher-methodologist Sachs. And I must admit this hard studying the craft at full capacity. No intrigue and no interest ... if it were not "learned". We were immediately given curriculum sessions with each of the girls. Two hours - breast, three - anus and "service" (guess yourself), four - BDSM. Each has its own program. Choosing a lesson for the evening, the player knows in advance what will amuse yourself bored character. Apparent simple scheme diversifies the gameplay is much more effective than the usual binary tree of events. Have to decide in what order who, where, and how much.

8nin no Kyonyuu Tsuma Deshita

Find-find-find. I have to find my mother ... 2 hours ago.
My evening ritual (smell my mother's panties, drive bald) was spoiled by the unexpected news from her: "You know, Kondo (Isao) ... I've always wanted to say. I'm not your own mother "-" WHAT? !!! "" Former mother "did not know who exactly is this. There are 7 possible candidates. All the great body, gorgeous boobs ... Wait, I have a little carried away. I'm looking for my mother. Although each woman in the Group of Seven is behaving strangely - they want to have sex with me. If by agreement, "mom" argue that it is almost 100% way to determine the truth. Well, the former mother always taught me to listen to their elders, so I shall search for the answer to all these beautiful women.
But why the former mother looks so sad? ..
Maternity Monsters

Of the series which had been previously downloaded sale, included on the package to the last story from the first episode!
Slapstick comedy horny stallion and hero monster daughters. And delivered in handy price on the parade of silliness that we Kyarata charming panting agony of quality and quantity packed, catchy!
Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber

All in the game five heroines, each of which is characterized by its own history, full of complexes and experiences. One wants to be shackled, the other trying by all means to strip in public, and the third suffers from congenital sadism, fourth and fifth get up to something quite incredible. Naturally, that depending on the choice of the character changes and the main story. If you are a big fan of Hentai and your main goal is to collect crop images, do not hesitate to hold the Water Closet - this stuff is enough.
My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT Fandisc

It started out as an ordinary morning, woken up by my childhood friend. Had a good breakfast ... complete with morning hard-ons. An ordinary, everyday eroge scene. Or ... so it seemed. Things would never be the same from that day, as peaceful everyday life was blown to bits. An accident on a spaceship heading to earth, causes it to crash on the Prime Minister of Nippon's office. The leaders end up in a state too horrible to see. To avoid chaos, the alien chose a girl who happened to be there, and to make ends meet, brainwashed all of mankind. Nippon adopts a presidential system overnight, and incredibly, a girl, my childhood friend, is the president. The world will answer to her every whim.

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