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Aku Yome! Akuma na Yome ni Shiborareru (Atelier Kaguya TEAM Gassa-Q) [cen] [2015, Mystic,Succubus,Angels,Titsjob,Harem]

Is Incubus, Nero is a large noble of Makai.
His wives interest is not in addition to property, there was no such night of life.
But it inspired the word "first and lawful wife the person who was muffled only to" father-in-law. They try to Comoros only his child begins to force the cum him in various means. Thus, under one roof, !! four wives and erotic honeymoon life begins.
Tokunou Shirumamire! -Semendarake No Pool Side- (Shiru Zaru, Shiruzaru)

The main character belongs to a swimming club. The story starts when two girls are playing with his dick. "Great, it's huge." "Oh, I did not think you've got that big one." They hold on to his dick and never let it go. Of course, they are not virgins. They are kinda nymphos. He tries to put up with their "attack", but he always loses .... One day, an old man appears in front of him and gives him a medicine water. Once he drinks it, he's got a power that he can ejaculate endlessly. His revenge now begins ..
[Mods] The Sims 3 - Oniki's Kinky World [0.2.4] (Oniki Kay) [uncen] [2015, Simulator, Rape, Incest, Striptease, Anal sex, Bestiality, Teens] [eng]

This is a modification for the game The Sims 3 v1.67, adds the ability to live your Sims sex life. In this fashion a large number of configurable options, allowing your Sims to provide both full autonomy and the ability to manage them manually. In fashion, you can enable / disable of , , sex with dogs (must be additionally installed addon for the game Sims 3, The Pets) etc.
Onii-chan. Ano ne Amaekata Oshiete (Shironyan) [cen] [2015, School, Incest, Striptease, Romance, Group, Oral, Anal, Footjob, Big tits] [jap]

The prayer "brother ... there, that I ..." graces the way ", taught No I want you to ... Tsu! " Had been suddenly say such a thing from my sister. Apparently graces good best friend, it seems to become more and more friends with "people who are worried about" sister. Sister of serious and firm who met also a place clumsy, very spoiled poor. The trouble drop the "I also obediently graces are Once ......", and he has to want to change the Nakitsui such myself. Nor should it refuse the request of cute younger sister, but will be starting the "graces special training (training)" and sister - by the way, who wonder What people anxious sister ...? The prayer "Boso ~ tsu and (... brother, are you?)"
Taimanin Asagi 2 - Inbo no Tokyo Kingdom (Anime Lilith) [cen]

Asagi Igava - experienced Slayer of demons. Having up over his arch-opponent, Oboro, she decided that she would leave a dangerous work and arrange their personal lives. But there it was, Oboro back to life thanks to a contract with the leader of the demons, with only one purpose - to avenge Asagi. Oboro being captured very young girl, and her boyfriend and her sister (also a demon hunter), and then humiliated emotional and sexual ...

Sacrament no Juunikyuu Midareru Kohitsuji to Tenazuku Ookami (Kuro Irodoru Yomiji) [cen]

* Sheep system girl X Ookami system girl Yuri ADV melting away indulgently Be fallen in love with the sheep which just changed school at first sight, and Alyssa chosen as the one of twelve constellations of the zodiac, Ram in a ceremony called "Sacramento" of the academy is robbed of lips. And be two months from there. The story only for two is spun. Character Designer: agekichi. Main character "Mother Furuse Alyssa" [the * sheep system girl who gives the position to Ookami] A sign of Aries came into cheeks in Sacramento, and became the Ram. There is no knowledge of the Sei, and will have a sheep lead him. "Suo sheep" [the Ookami system girl who can not fight against charm of Alyssa] The first grader who moved into in the academy. Wariness is strong by shyness. A viewpoint change function to understand the difference in way of thinking of two includes it
Woman character full Voice-Over

HuniePop [Ver1.2.0] (HuniePot, Mangagamer) [uncen] [2015, ADV, SLG, Puzzle, Fantasy, Yuri, Comedy, Fairy] [eng]

HuniePop is a unique RPG experience for PC, Mac and Linux. It's a gameplay first approach that's part dating sim, part puzzle game, with RPG-like systems and a visual novel style presentation. It's an independent effort by a western developer for a western audience with the goal of breathing some new life into a genre that is greatly underrepresented both in the western market and the independent games scene.
8 gorgeous girls each with their own personalities, preferences and style. (Rumor has it there are several secret characters to unlock as well!)
More than 20 in-game locations each with beautiful hand painted environment art and many with full day / night cycles.
Over 250 unique items (food, drinks, gifts, accessories) that you can purchase, unlock, collect and give as gifts.
A beautifully composed soundtrack containing over 20 tracks of original music inspired by eastern pop, jazz and bossa nova melodies.
Thousands of lines of dialog, fully and professionally voice acted, complete with a unique character lip-syncing system.
Customize girls' appearances with unlockable outfits and hairstyles! The girls will also dress up for dates! (Or dress down afterwards ...)
Collect nearly 50 stunning CG photo's depicting the girls in various scenarios, including steamy bedroom scenes.
An addicting match-3 style puzzle dating system with it's own unique twists including upgradeable traits / stats, the ability to move any number of positions and special date gifts that have a variety of interesting effects on the puzzle.
Ayakami Shizume ~Shoujo no Ketsudan, Miko no Ketsui~ (CYCLET) [cen] [2015, Monsters,Tentacles,Virgin]

One day Yame green (quit green), (was moji so) Moji MinatoFutoshi lover in front of the station to witness the place where being with strange women.
Green to suspected cheating is, it seems, but he set foot into Hikosan is directly coattails of two of, had apparently gone astray.
Road is not known, it is not meet to lover, green, which is promoting the step, while a loss is, to witness the incredible spectacle.
And "monster like lizard" man of many times larger, while not in the form of a man he was fighting is "far removed from variant is a human".
Eye of what is happening in front, in front of the reality and green that can not accept the far removed from the situation, variant is defeat the monster.
When the next he is attacked, green to cower to Shutting the eye.
But then I opened my eyes, there in the stomach was the naked woman rather than a variant - it was a woman who was with MinatoFutoshi.

Oira wa Bandai 2

You inherited - Women's public baths. You must take care not only about profit institutions, but also to realize all your ideas. Upgrade baths so watch out for the most beautiful female clients. Learn all about them and at the appropriate time, use the situation =)
I'm Dan Kotaro. I was just released from prison from prison.
The Pieces after the father who died when 45 years old, tamed one after the other a woman our customers in and intimidation peeping while the management of the public bath, and were enjoying a pleasant harem life.
However gear of paradise life crazy thanks to the weakness held in gang of greedy childhood friend, began a prearranged business trip to The women health.
Relationship with a woman who was going well is worse, I had been arrested by the police. Childhood friend should be accomplices, seems to have been acquitted Nasuritsuke a sin to one person I well.
Without a family to me, did not those who come to the meeting and pledged to prison while. Naturally, those who greet me with source also ... no, those who wait for the return even he does not and one person only.
In such a world there is nothing, what I do to hell now? I decided to go to the soap in his money for the time being. Crazy play as if vent pent-up in prison. Will not go back in the house that day after all, and stayed in a capsule hotel near the red-light district, I fell asleep while ruminating the afterglow of the Soap Lady.
I next morning, leaving the capsule hotel went public bath is a home of their own to "public bath Information".
It is a fixer-upper, but it's entire fortune for me at least for now. It should sell for the value of its own way land. To do something and I am good with the money. And, I saw my home while inflated think
"What shit? 'S land for sale in the bargain?' Ll Have become Sarah ground, I'll not sell!"
There was a land of dry Sara waiting.
Not only breast squid Kotaro! Face two floats by instantly ....

Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia (Lusterise) [cen] [2015, School, Magical Girl, Rape, Harem, Demons, Tentacles, Virgin]

And Shiho Submit attending cherry bass school, childhood friend of Katsuragi ShinRina. Two men while there is no opportunity to step up from the long-standing relationship of "childhood friend", I had spent the day-to-day calm. Evening One day, two men are suddenly attacked by the monster of the variant. Monster is the invaders who came from the different world-Karuron, and hit the man, and committed, it was there that we took the magic. And in the pinch of the desperate situation, lily woman scientists and Amakubo that appeared suddenly is, pass throw the "Aix-device" to ShinRina. "Bright Feather Expansion!" The moment you cast a keyword that floated in the brain, ShinRina will be transformed into awaken the inner power "light wing warfare princess ex-tier". And ShinRina is, it was to repel Phantom by making full use of enhanced physical abilities.

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