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Yarikomi onna kishi danjon (monster box)

In the wake of the "incident" and there, Lilia woman knight of the Kingdom of saber yuan They fired the Knights, I was looking for a job as an adventurer. One day, Lilia receives a request from a teacher Buzz = light. The task of exploring the dungeon "Random Tower" which appeared in the town I was suddenly. It was the beginning of the story and the Knights saber, of vengeance be associated in the past ... Lilia.

Hentai Quest ~ The Female Hero and Her Good For Nothing Party ~ 2015

Meet the protagonist, a female hero who was tricked by the King and Queen.
Everything she does seems to result in new, high levels of sekuhara.

Two Women Army -TWA- (Gun taste pot) 2015

One girl's search for the reason she was born.
Okusama wa moto maho shojoriruru (Ringo-kai) 2015

Riruru is currently married woman in the original magical girl, freak coincidence are caught in sexual assault incidents that had been occurring frequently in the city. Magic in attempting to repel also, but is Microsoft recommends lose the magic lose virgin fucked without eggplant surgery, to repel regained temporarily magic by advice of the Domestic Cat here. In this fight Riruru know that magic is restored by absorbing the semen of men vagina. However, since in the semen volume husband did not magical power is obtained in order to transform, while devour the gender of an unspecified number of man, to investigate the sexual assault incidents that have occurred in the city Riruru.
The mastermind of the incident in the process of going to solve the incident Ruru or noticed that evil magic association is concerned, was going to confront one person in the incident.

Shiwaden ~Many Gods~ (Circle Fairy Flower)  2015

While goddesses conquer the world, a sun god named Amateras enlists a young man from a small kingdom. An offer long intended for the right human is made: he who stops the goddesses will be promoted to a god. You are that young man.

Flirt Quest -Shu and the Tasty Girls!?- (IchaKue -Shuu to Oishii Onna-tachi!?-)

Shuu thought of himself as an adventurer.
Almost as soon as his journey began, he collapsed in starvation,
and was saved from death by a girl called Riko.
Riko owned a neglected little restaurant.
Shuu was delighted by the quality of Riko's cooking.
"How could such a delicious place not have any customers?"
He realized the purpose of his adventure now.
He would tell the world about Riko's Restaurant.

Discipline committee Mizuki (World dog) 2015

School of public morals was peace began disturbed suddenly !?
from the dilapidated school is enough to escape selling also training trip and the name of the Thacher Among such were some freak coincidence chosen discipline committee "Mizuki" is. It !! decided to locate the cause with "Natsuki" roommate
Really what she can we get to the truth !?

Slut boy and Older sisters Reaches Of Happiness H I Living Apartment (Aomizuan)

The guy came and sisters built themselves a comfortable accommodation with sex services.

Bloody Virgin (U-Room)

In an age long past, the birth of Fuoh brought an era of terror upon humans.
Fuoh ate humans and gave birth to Fuohlings.
Humans formed the resistance organization SOFY to fight back against this world-ending monster. Using magical tactics SOFY's elite became the defenders of all humanity, and al the organization grew it became the new religious order. High-ranking warriors were called Disciples of Light. One such warrior was Riis Awel. To destroy Fuoh and its offspring, she was set to begin a world pilgrimage. Not knowing the darkness that cloak her path...

Vitamin plus [1.6] (Butakoma 300g)

The game starts as two sisters, Yuki and Ayame, are on a trip to visit their uncle's farm. However, they have not met their uncle's family and are a bit anxious about it. Are they going to be accepted by their cousins? Are they going to have fun in a farm? But they'll soon find out that they had nothing to fear and that this trip will certainly be the most life-changing event of their lives.
Extras. Information: Vitamin Plus is a hentai game. It means it's an adult game for people who likes Japanese drawn porn.
It's a game created with RPG Maker VX, a software made to develop RPGs.
However, Vitamin Plus is more like a visual novel / adventure game. There are lots of dialogues, but you'll also have some item searching or puzzle solving.
The more you'll evolve in the game, the more options will become available in terms of gameplay. Of course, the main goal of the game is to find all the hentai scenes (some are hidden, some are not) before the end of the game.
It's important to note that the game contains strong fetishes that may not be everyone's taste. However, you'll find the list of those fetishes before the title screen, so if one of them bothers you, you can still close the game.

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