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Kyoushuujo no Oneesan 2014

Appeared a total of ten men girl on the stage of driving school!
While struggling to get driver's license, Let's become friends with students training women and staff! Hero Kosuke Soma because of the driver's license acquisition of desire, enrolled in the prestigious schools in the "Brillouin driving school".
Individual staff, had been waiting for him to women of training students and charming, was the of beauty instructor not inferior either. While struggling in order to take a license, Soma to efforts to become and to get acquainted with the girls .... But the Looming before his successive happening and training, hard!
He's in my hand at the end frustration or love, and license ... seen in your dreams? Expand on the stage of driving school complete set of beauty, fuss high tension story! !
Ore tachi no Sentou Sharyou

We, in the role of a daring pristavalschika on the train, to unite his fellow, with a holy purpose - the conquest of the beauties of the Japanese "underground." And they have more than 9, different in nature, the profession and temperament.
Because a good-quality old game, the gameplay is very diverse and origenalen. We have a station (two inputs and a bunch of platforms), which in the crowd, we will track down the victims and colleagues.
Of the companions we form a team and set them on the posts of your choice (to conquer orpedelnnyh girls we need those, or other colleagues in the team). As well we have a forum, where colleagues in the craft share information about the girls, sometimes very useful.
On the options in the screenshots:
1.time jump (1hour)
2.start / end hunt
4.team / info
7.options (it is a very useful option is the speed control time)
A sacrifice to the Hero, D-Station;
I have not found the passage (who finds post a link of the pancreas), so I would say the game is complicated, but interesting! Not for 1 day. Offered shares his experience of passing. Weaklings do not advise looking CG gallery and muchtes.
Extras. Information: Errors Cresci, Bugs, etc.
For yet present. On the extreme left the girls in the lower and middle range, the poster - do not load at all molestation scene. The same trouble for another pair episodic characters. Cresci possible with zaguzki scenes pestering some episodic heroines, as well as principal but in some cases (that pleases because you can successfully do the same, but in the others. Day). Despite all this game remains Vesmma attractive and quite playable. Just retain at most.
P.S. Actually, somewhere in the Internet there is a patch for the game fixes these Bugs, but I have not found it. Who will find the RV share. Another option - to find the DVD Edition of the game (my searches were unsuccessful).
Lets Meow Meow Eng 2014

There once was a boy Ibuki (cool name). He loved cats very, well, just adored. One day, there appeared to him in a dream and said, Cat God, they say boy, you're so kind to my relatives that I am right now going to write you a reward. Wait already sent.
The next day found the door Ibuki purr box. And in the box - vsamdelishnye girl-cat. With ears and tail. Nude.
Noble gift, but as it turned out later, and not one ...
That's actually with these girls - cats just girls, girls, cats, cyborgs and more with someone and you have in the game "talk." In different places, in different combinations.
School Romance 1-2 part

The protagonist of X-Change - the boy with the alien to the Russian ear the name of Takuya - as a result of a miraculous set of circumstances found himself in an unusual situation. From unpretentious onanist he turned into a pretty young lady, for which the herds run as peers, so the teaching staff of the school. What promises to our protagonist lot of fun adventures in a wide variety of parts tela.Osobennosti game "School Romance":
The main thing in this game - the plot. Nice. Funny. Preachy. Life.
Non-linearity of the narrative. Multiple endings. Mass of unburned situations.
Chic anime pictures.
Hara Marriage 2014

This girl is Kanako, the main character's girlfriend, whom he has gotten pregnant. The first time they had sex, they totally forgot about contraceptives, and she got knocked up.
Kanako is not bothered by this turn of events, and says she wants to have the baby. Though the main character refuses to let Kanako face the hardships of parenthood alone and agrees to take responsibility, Kanako's girl, Kikuna, steps in and forces the two of them to begin living together as husband and wife starting right now!
While according to their parents, it'd have been better if the two should have flirted and built up their relationship a bit more before this, with Kanako pregnant as she is, it's too late now. Of course, this arrangement does nothing for the MC's burning libido, which is not being fulfilled!
To help, Kanako agrees to do what she can for him, and the two begin blazing new trails in pregnancy-safe eroticism. Furthermore, Kikuna also joins in, stating she'll work as a substitute for Kanako! Where will this strange course of events lead them?
Isetan 2014

One of the best games of genre jRPG. Excellent storyline, flexible system of development of the charm, a number of endings. The game is merciless to errors in the battle and to errors in the passage.
Not recommended to thirsty hentai, tk most of the scenes in only 2/3 of the plot. Weak spirit, too, should not play it - there is nothing more irritable than death by imprudence. If you are not scared, then the game is just gorgeous.
In short about the plot, a girl from our not too distant future falls into the fantasy world. Cliche? Yes, but even this cliche is prized in a pleasant and cheerful manner and will play with new colors. The rest will find out for yourself, unless of course you master this game (the developer seriously tries to kill the player).
Ts Agent

Heinsberg, the land of the East. Here, a famous guild has a certain rite of passage.
The young lad Kaoru undertakes the rite, which is the dream of skilled warriors across the continent. In the prime of his youth, he devoted himself to the trials of the guild.
He spent his life preparing for this. But the trials were beyond anything he ever expected ...
Feminization. Now, the gears of "her" fate slowly click into place ...
Lily Knight Saga

Lily, a knightess in the royal guard, was ordered by the queen to clear the nearby forest of demons.
She came into contact with a mysterious crystal that grew from her own water.
Compelled by her own transformation and the mystery of the crystal, Lily and her trusted companions set off on a series of adventures!
Run, Rachel! Escape with the Gold

Mankind has been conquered, but one young girl continued desperate resistance.
"It is true. Someone needs to get rid of these demons. I will conquer the invaders, ha ha ha."
What was she thinking? She was not a hero.
She did not have any equipment or money to buy it.
"In that case, I'll break into the house invaders and steal their money! Then I can buy armor and everything else!"
Well, really it is not thought out his plan.
Yet she began her journey.
The main character:
Rachel (CV: Marimo Sakuraba)
Impulsive and self-confident, it can hardly be called an ordinary girl ...
But she was not the first choice for the fate of this work.
Intrude into people's homes that have been captured by demons, collect gold and run away quickly!
Rachel defenseless until afford to buy equipment.
However, it can search the premises without causing an alarm.
You can use the skills in order to slow or stop the enemy for a while.
You can even get to the boss never engaged in battle with other enemies (but this does not mean that you win).
Sex scene sounded!
It is possible to repeat the scene!
Legend of Queen Opala II

Continuation of the game about Princess Opal and her royal family. The action takes place in a distant land, a regular guy named Kai occupied with his own pressing matters currently decided to renovate the fence and went for help to his neighbor, and suddenly the sky was illuminated by a bright flash and neighbors rushed to the light source. Armed men try to catch the fragile girl who is the princess of Egypt. Heroes, sacrificing himself to help his new friend, but what will happen next and what will turn their actions? The game has a great many innovations are just some of them: the magazine with a list of characters and creatures, pumped level of relations with the characters of the game, forging weapons and armor, the system advances.

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