Subverse / Ver: 0.5.0

Year of issue: 2022
Release date: 2022/07/26

Censorship: None
Developer: Studio FOW

Platform: Windows
Publication type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.4.5. Rus / 0.5.0. Eng
Game language: English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: English
Engine: Unreal Engine

System requirements: OS: Windows 8, 10 (64bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K
DirectX: Version 11
HDD: 35.9 GB

**Update to 0.5.0

Description: A sexy new sci-fi parody where you command your own starship filled
with the hottest babes in the galaxy, who are ready to bring your fantasies to life in fully animated love scenes!

Discover the Prodigium Galaxy – filled to the brim with original lore and thick, meaty content. Explore dozens of star systems and hundreds of planets to find all sorts of missions, anomalies and other interesting stuff like sexy bounty hunter squidgirls that relentlessly stalk you and your equally sexy crew of waifus.

Throw down in either SHMUP-style space missions dripping with retro nostalgia or take the thinking man’s approach and duke it out on the ground with dynamic turn-based combat. Mastering both modes will lead to glorious booty so you can upgrade your ship and troops.

There are no good girls in Subverse. Well, not until you train them, anyway. These are the baddest babes in the galaxy complete with exceptional combat potential and drop-dead gorgeous looks. Earn their loyalty and get some other exceptional benefits in the process. Like sex.


Sova’s recruitment storyline comes to a conclusion on planet Teatakanya, as you partake in one winner-takes-all championship bout in the Teelee Fighting Championship.


New scenes have been added in Pandora for Sova containing a wide variety of fetishes, alongside a new foreplay video sequence that will play automatically as you progress through the story.


All of the Yeti nebula is now accessible for exploration. We will be updating the planets and progression system in a later patch so please treat most of these as placeholders for now.


More of the UI has been overhauled including a complete revamp of the Gallery UI, with interactive preview materials.


We are trialing an equippable system for grid combat, which will hopefully add some flexibility when deploying waifus. Please let us know what you think and how we should improve upon it!


DEVA form should be unlocked for all previous waifus now (provided they reach level 20) along with some balance changes to the system.


Two additional mantics have been added for players to discover and recruit to the team.


A few new songs have been added to Grid Combat gameplay.

Improvements to the lip flap system during dialogue sequences.
Updated Sova’s idle animation in the Locker Room onboard the Mary Celeste.
Added 3 new poses to the Gallery. Ela “Kloi Please”, Taron “Rawr” and Taron “Furball”.
Added explanation of Clear Input Cache under Settings/Controls tab. Primarily required between updates if there are issues with key-bindings.
Added character level visibility on the character selection screen during Grid/Space Combat.
Reduced the amount of asteroids in Huntress Fight 2 second phase.
Added wave data to random scenarios in Space Combat.
Added warning that player will embark on a long quest when starting a new waifu storyline. This currently is only applicable for Elaisha, Taron and Sova quest.
Added completion percentage counters to galaxy, nebulae and systems in Navigation. Note: This is a WIP and there are currently some inconsistencies with how they update. Some known areas are Doochi-Kabana, Tychedemus and systems where there are unknown missions or sidequest that have multiple encounters where the mission is unknown until the required one is completed.
Replaced previous controls prompt with help box in Navigation.
Sex scenes that take place during dialogue story sequences no longer play the idle pose before the sex scene. New sequence is foreplay cinematic then sex scene. Idle scene will display as before when replaying.
Redesigned gift icons for Fashionable Boots and Illegal Narcotics.
Added Socialite status effect/icon “Bitch Please”.
Texture memory optimization pass.
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where exclamation marker was still visible after completing one section of a quest that spans more than one anomaly in Navigation.
Fixed issue with indicators not rendering in Space Combat when the larger ships spawned for the Scoundrel faction.
Fixed issue with Tibold’s ship in Grid Combat where there were broken active tiles.
Fixed issue where there was invisible blocking from lancer attacks.
Fixed issue where New Mantic tag missing for Equicox & Rekall when onboard the Mary Celeste.
Fixed some cinematics where no subtitles were rendering or displayed inconsistent text.
Fixed issue if character is talking while exiting the gifting screen, the voice can still be heard.
Fixed several issues with clipping on some PANDORA scenes.
Fixed several issues with lighting on some PANDORA scenes.
Fixed several issues with animations on some PANDORA scenes.
Fixed several issues with texture & post processing on some PANDORA scenes.
Fixed several issues with focus and framing on some PANDORA scenes.
Fixed several reported physics issues during dialogue sequences.
Fixed several inconsistencies with the text during dialogue sequences.
Known Issues (Does not include all issues)
Low texture resolution rendering for some users during dialogue sequences throughout the game.
Some users reported odd textures when loading Ela and Taron in PANDORA and Gallery.
Framerate drop can cause Mary Celeste to shoot out of the jump-gate in Navigation.
Bridge projector fails to update the color scheme throughout Mary Celeste consistently. This will be fixed in later builds once all nebulae are unlocked.
Physics on dangling pieces such as tentacles or hair (i.e. Huntress or Killi) may clip through the character's body or rapidly vibrate.
Yellow/White screen flashing artifact during space combat when using the FXAA aliasing method. Most likely due to the lens flare and or high bloom values.
On rare occasions, an unintentional song plays during some areas of the game.
On rare occasions, clicking the Help button in the dialogue section of the game can remove the help text but can't be re-enabled until restarting or starting a new scene.
Potential stuttering when playing back cinematics for some systems. Note there is an option to disable 4k videos from the graphics tab under settings. This has improved performance for some users.
Reports of performance issues on some Space Combat random scenario maps.
Animation in You’re Mine Now scene needs finalizing.
Replay icons and navigation icon concepts are a work in progress, inconsistencies are known.
Sova’s quest will resume the next time the navigation button is clicked. In the full release there won’t be a break to explore navigation.
Optimizations have been made that should help with low texture resolution during dialogue sequences. Please let us know if you have seen an improvement.
Currently equipables are associated with the completion of random scenario missions and waifu levels. If you have completed a mission that would have dropped an equipable, it will display in the locker room. Note: Once an equipable is acquired a short tutorial will play when you return to the Mary Celeste on how to equip them.


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