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She Will Punish Them / Ver: 0.950 (Early Access)

Year of issue: 2020
Release date: 2022/06/24

Censorship: None
Developer: L2 Game Studios

Platform: Windows
Engine: Unity
Publication Type: In Development
Version: 0.950 (Early Access)
Game language: Russian / English
Interface language: Russian / English
Voice Language: None

System requirements: OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3 (3.2 GHz)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
DirectX: Version 11
HDD: 11 GB

**Update to 0.950 (Early Access)

Description: A dark fantasy ARPG that lets you engage in brutal and bloody combat in the demonic realm.
Play as a gorgeous but deadly succubus.
Grind your way through a myriad of terrifying abominations and bosses,
until she becomes the most formidable and seductive devil.

Added more than 40 new poses.
Added new palace.
Added 2 scenes for the photo shoot, Romance Stream and Sky Garden (without enemies, only for the photo shoot).
New function of closing the window of interaction with furniture with ESC button.
Added sound for intimate scenes.
Added music for all scenes.
Added skill for improving paired weapons.
Added art for diary.
Added confirmation for random character.
Added confirmation for character reset.
Added more details for the boss room on the Scarlet Dawn map.
Partially improved user interface.

Bug Fix: You can not use any shield of a higher level.
Bug Fix: Extremely short distance between some enemies in dungeons.

Reduced difficulty of the Orc Queen.
Reduced difficulty of the demon boss.
Overall balance of combat difficulty and chance of falling out.

Adjusted lighting brightness for all decorative lighting.
Adjusted brightness for all maps.
Added default pubic hair density.

She Will Punish Them / Ver: 0.950 (Early Access)


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