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Aliens in the Backyard / Ver: 9.4.1

Release Year: 2020
Release Date:2021/05/13

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch for removal
Developer / Publisher: TheDarkforest

Platform: PC / Windows / Mac / Linux / Android
Type of publication: In development
Version: 9.4.1
Game language (plot): Russian + English
Interface language: Russian + English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System Requirements (Minimum): ОС Windows; HDD 2GB

**Update to 9.4.1

Description: In a small southern town, an alien expedition arrives to study the reproduction of underdeveloped races. They kidnap a young guy from his bedroom and threaten to participate in their experiments, but it seems that the main character will benefit from this.

3 new locations
New events with Holly.
New events with the raccoon girl.
The main story continues
New minigame
Lots of bug fixes.
Completely rewritten quest Search for laptop (changed)
Fixed unrecoverable error TypeError: can't read null property "width"
Fixed black screen on Android
Bella now no longer appears during dog walking
Now the simultaneous execution of the magic lamp and the purchase of a named Token do not block each other.
Fixed Millie's doppelganger
Added automatic save to the first slot while the main character is sleeping.

Aliens in the Backyard / Ver: 9.4.1


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