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Friendship with Benefits / Ver: 1.2

Release Year: 2020
Update Date:2020/12/03

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: TwistedScarlett

Platform: PC/Windows, Android
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 1.2
Game language: English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: None

System requirements (minimum): Windows 7; 1.8 GHz Pentium 4; 1 GB of RAM; DirectX: Version 9.0; 2 GB

**Update to 1.2

Description: Welcome to Arcadia, a new, mysterious and magical world in which you are trapped! The inhabitants are a mix of monster girls and anthro girls, and almost all of them are completely naked!

This eroge combines an open-world visual novel, dating simulation mechanics, and a little role-playing to create a unique, exciting, and very memorable experience.

30 romantic girls, each with their own character, story and style.
A huge open world map with many locations to visit, including a full day/night cycle that dynamically changes the options available to the player.
42+ sex scenes and 50+ sex-CGs with a wide variety of scenarios to immerse yourself in.
20+ hours of content and a world you can visit endlessly
Convenient hint system so you never get stuck or lost.
Inventory systems, money, stores, and more! Buy gifts for certain girls to unlock even more sexy scenes.

The game is completely finished, there are supposedly no updates planned. Version 1.2 is the final version.


Friendship with Benefits 1.2 Final Climax Update:
To celebrate a successful launch, I'm releasing a completely free update that adds 12 new sex scenes to the game!

+3 Romantic Girls
+12 new sex scenes.

However, these twelve new scenes are presented in a unique way. Rather than the obvious new ruths in which these scenes are presented, they have been hidden amongst the world of Arcadia and can be found by exploring the world.

In total, this update adds you 13 secrets, and here are hints to help you find them:

Secret 1: It's time to go on a werewolf hunt, but we need a +1 to find one.
Secret 2: What's the deal with this bunny, anyway?
Secret 3: Did you know that there are actually two dragons?
Secret 4: This is what happens when you get drunk and sleep too much.
Secret 5: Deja vu with Honeycrisp.
Secret 6: Cream has a surprise for you.
Secret 7. Someone has another set of underwear they want to try on with you.
Secret 8: This girl is surprisingly flexible. Did you know she was a ballerina?
Secret 9: I'm aerodynamic. Big breasts just get in the way.
Secret 10: At dawn.
Secret 11: Melody finally reveals her inner self. The question is, where?
Secret 12: Working with a succubus is probably a bad idea.
Secret 13: Talk to a cured werewolf. But who is it?

All secrets are one-time events! However, you can re-experience them using the Crystal Ball and the Art Gallery.
You can keep track of the secrets you have discovered with a to-do list.

Friendship_with_Benefits.rar - 1539101729

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  1. Zach16 May 2020 16:50
    can someone put this on a download site that doesn't require me to have a subscription for a file that size?
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