In Heat / Ver: 1.0

Year of release: 2017
Release Date: 2017/09/11

Censorship: No / There is a patch to remove
Developer/Publisher: Samvegames

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: Original (licensed)
Patches: Not required
Version: 1.0
Game language (storyline): Russian+English
Interface Language: English + Russian
Scoring Language: English

System requirements (minimum): OS: Win10\7; P4; 4GB Ram; 1Gb HDD

Description: Three-dimensional quest, in the old-school tradition (inventory, three types of action, active zones, different ways to achieve the goal). By design - 6 episodes. The first episode, presented in the game - the easiest, it is necessary to bang an easily accessible girl in a rock festival in the sixties. 4 endings (one art for each), but 5 ways to achieve the goal.
Platform: Unity5.
This is an updated version compared to the April version - a short intro has been added. If anyone has already played - to download it makes no sense, the game has not changed anything.

Extras: So, another pilot project, tutorial, this time an attempt in 3D. Toylka for 10-15 minutes, perhaps. Some endings are harder to find than some others.

The music in the game is internet radio. You can take away the sound at 0, but the traffic will still eat up, however it will leave a little.

Russian text is pretty crappy - made the game directly in English, not to get bored with the switch tabs, eventually translated in openofis, without the context before his eyes, so that somewhere bad. In addition, I, as it turned out, completely forgot the hippie slang, I got in some places goofy.

On the quest conventions do not pay attention, this is the same genre where you have to apply the owl to the globe and all is well.

Alert - the camera is not very handy. To rotate it - you have to press the right mouse button, and then wiggle it. To wander the character - click the left button on the ground. Also the right button scrolls the available actions on the active zones (look, talk, use)

Installation procedure:
Run the exe.
The default language in the game is English. Press Escape, go to the menu, select Russian.

1. Collect items - an empty bottle on the ground near the tents, not far from there dollar (sometimes sparkles "sparkle", from a stoned dude under the brown tent pick up a joint and a bandana, in the box on stage take a donut, near the stage pick up a songbook.
2. go to the cop, give the doughnut (through the conversation, "Sir, I have something for you"). Then "and what do you have on the hood," we take the nadphil and booze (to take the booze - you need an empty bottle). Put on a bandana, talk to the cop - he will talk about the protest.

Then, depending on the desired ending:

You can change the order of action.

1. "Groupie", the most complicated ending:
Wear a bandana, go to the hippies, apply a joint to the girl.
Apply a dollar to a nail file or vice versa, make a pacific out of a coin. Pacifik give dude with a guitar near the stage, he teaches you how to play the guitar.
We read the songbook.
Give booze dude with a guitar, he gives us a guitar (you can first give booze, it will not affect the passage)
We go to the hippies, we use the guitar on the girl. If everything is correct, they will start to drag.
We talk to the hippie, "how's it going?" He'll tell us not so good and give us a torn thing. We fix it, give it to the girl. If the ending doesn't start, we tell the girl "want to have fun?"

2. "For Love."
Learn to play the guitar and get it (see above for how). We play to hippies (to get them to drag). Also talk to a hippie "how's it going", he gives you a phenom. We fix it.
We tell the hippy about the protest, he runs away.
We give the girl a phenka. If the ending doesn't run, tell the girl "want to have fun?"

3. "On the stoner."
We apply the joint to the girl (with the bandana on). The three of us smoke.
Next, you can either take the joint, fix it, tell the hippy about the protest, and give the joint back, or just say protest when the hippy runs away, go to the dude with the guitar, and give the booze back. Get a guitar and play. You don't have to learn how to play, the stoned girl should be fine. (If you are not dumb).

4. "The Stubborn:
We tell the hippie about the protest, apply a joint and booze to the girl (order is not important). When he passes out, click "use" on the girl.

In Heat / Ver: 1.0


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