» » Chloe18 - Back To Class / Ver: 37

Chloe18 - Back To Class / Ver: 37

Developer: GDS Patreon - Bella Lolly
Prequels: Chole18 - Chloe18 Vacations - Chloe18 Camgirl
Censored: No
Version: 37
OS: Windows
Language: English

**Update to 37

Description: After having her dream destroy she decide to change her live around, you have full control of how she does that.

You play for the girl Chloe, who begins to live alone. The standard set of goals is to study, find a job, make friends.
The game - adventure with elements of pumping. Doing fitness - get stronger, you can do more action during the day. Learn more - get smarter. Some events need a certain value of the corresponding parameters.

Add. information:

It includes four folders with games Chloe18, Chloe18 Vacation, CHLOE18 CamGirl and Chloe18 Back To Class

Chloe18 The first game of the series. Chloe is waiting for adventure in school, city and work. Many new acquaintances and even more sex.
the passage

Cloe18 Vacation The holidays started and Chloe went out of town. she is waiting for a new job, meeting old and new characters and of course a lot of sex
the passage

CHLOE18 CamGirl A branch of the main game. Chloe tries herself as a web model.

Chloe18 Back To Class The vacation was over and Chloe returned to her hometown

Chloe18 - Back To Class / Ver: 37


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