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Project Extermination: Operation GroundZeroes

Release Date: 2022/12/02
Developer: MATEYDEV
Censored: No
Version: Pre Proof of Concept(PPOC)
OS: Windows
Language: English

Description: The year is ~2200. On a remote mining outpost, a mysterious parasite is causing a severe outbreak that is quickly turning into an humanitarian crisis. Reports of violence, madness and mutations have forced the local government to enact a total lockdown of the settlement.
A team of specialists has been dispatched to contain this threat, find out where this organism came from and hopefully reestablish order.​

1 enemy type (4 H animations, randomly selected at capture moment)
2 weapons (melee and ranged)
Dynamic time of day & weather
Beta Inventory and menus
Basic auto generated voices and dialogues
"Seamless" room transitions
Interactable environment props (at base) for testing

*read the “How To Control” file for keybindings and tips

Known Bugs:
Sometimes, after being grabbed and defeated for 2 times in a row, interactions become impossible, opening and closing the menu may help solve this, but you may be forced to restart.
It is possible for the enemies to spawn upstairs near the base, where you can't attack them
If you are running around and turning corners a lot, you may see enemies spawning out of thin air


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