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Year of release: 2022

Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Nudis

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: In Development
Patch: Not required
Version: 036a
English Language: English
Interface Language: English

Description: Our hero is an optimistic and virtuous young man.
Until one day, a certain energy came to awaken the dark side in him and spread from thought to action!
Will he stop it or let it engulf him and the people he loves? Your decision is the answer...​

v.036a (2022.10.31)
✿ Fixed the wrong link from the test version.
✿ This version will focus mainly on the story of the game.
✿ Our boy will begin to bring himself closer to the girls in this version. ♡
✿ Introducing sub-quests with girls. (which will be more playable in the next ver.)
✿ Added new locations to support future stories.
✿ Corruption Level 4 with complete translation. (Level 4 will begin on the 22nd.)
✿ More interaction with NPCs.
✿ Fixed the code to allow some levels of corruption to work properly.
✿ You can earn money in many ways from increasing activity.
✿ The number of days in this version is 4 days. (on weekends there will be both story highlights and a very detailed dating system to deal with.)
✿ Although the number of days is short, but if you playing normally, it takes more than 2 hours.

✿ This will be a version that I'm tries to raise the quality of the game to a higher level.
✿ The frame rate in Live2D animations increased from 30 to 90 frames per second. It's my bad, I'm just recently figured out how to setting it. XD
✿ The language accuracy from the start of the game to version 0.32 is over 85%. (There may be some conversations that I added later or dropped out, so I didn't send them to Gin.)
✿ This version has been reviewed about 10% of the language from Gin, He has helped me a lot so I'll wait until he has enough time to do it. (Please be patient with my Engish language in this version until the next update. ^^')
✿ There is a little story sequence at the start of the new game, if you're interested please click Start New Game to view it. (I try to make the plot more predictable. Even if it's a supernatural game, but in the end, any story you suspect has a pretty clear rationale and can explain almost all of its background.)



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