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BALLS OUT: NU VAGIS / Ver: 0.0.3a

Year of release: 2022

Censorship: No censorship
Developer/Publisher: Peepboy Co

Platform: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux/Android
Edition Type: In Development
Patch: Not required
Version: 0.0.3a
Language: English
Interface Language: English

Description: Balls Out: Nu Vagis is an adult 2D hand-drawn cartoonish parody Dating Sim/Visual Novel/JRPG about surviving is a harsh world of a sexy post-apocalypse. In fact, the game is a parody spin-off of a very popular RPG post-apocalyptic game taking place in 2284 in Nevada and California in a parallel universe.

Peep-Boy interface with 12 screens and dozens of parameters;
Inventory system;
Quests and Tasks with logs;
Pop-up messages on the main screen showing important info like new quests or parameter changes ;
5 quests with tasks (made of refined older scenes);
New choices in Chucky's Cave resulting in skills' boost plus new micro dialogues after every choice;
Refined Guard Station scene: MC is no more obsessed by Lucky, he is just interested and worries for her health;
Skippable intro;
Some optimization for PC/macOS/Linux versions;
The first build for Android.

BALLS OUT: NU VAGIS / Ver: 0.0.3a


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