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Blackmailing The Family / Ver: 0.09b_pt2_fix

Year of release: 2020
Release Date: 2022/21/01

Censorship: None/I have a patch to remove
Developer/Publisher: Warped Minds Productions

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: In Development
Software Key: Not required
Version: 0.09b_pt2_fix
Game Language (Plot): English
Interface Language: English
Audio : Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows, HDD: 1.08 Gb

Description: A young man decides to blackmail his entire family for sexual favors. The whole family. In addition to the traditional mother/sister/aunt, there is his grandmother and even his father (sic!) (gay content is deactivated).
Naturally, he does not stop at the family, but recruits a teacher, a school principal, a sales clerk, a policewoman, etc. into his porn empire with the help of blackmail.

Extras: Important content warnings!
1. The gay content is of course turned off and there isn't much of it, but... From it further in the text leaves traces, which can not be bypassed. Can ruin the impression)
2. About half of the sex scenes in the game with a fetish GILF or Granny. That is grandmother-retired women who look exactly like grandmother-retired women. Not everyone will get it.

Blackmailing The Family / Ver: 0.09b_pt2_fix


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