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Anita's Discoveries / Ver: 1.0 [Completed]

Year of release: 2021
Release Date: 2021/11/21

Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Pigeon Pleasure

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: Original
Patches: Not required
Version: 1.0 [Completed]
Game language (storyline): Russian + English
Interface Language: Russian + English
Language: No voice acting

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows, Android; CPU: i5; RAM: 8GB; VRAM: 2GB;

Description: Hello, my dear friend. This is a kinetic novel... I know, I know... don't be nervous, you want to play the game with choices, but this is a preliminary story. A story that will only let you taste the subtle, faint but sweet and exquisite taste of a future that hits such a note that it can form an entire melody or even a symphony from your hand in "Squish-Squash" :)
It's basically a tentative story about a young (18 year old) girl, Anita, who is experiencing new discoveries about her sexuality, body and feelings, but you can also experience the perspective of her father's gaze and feelings, which I think might give a richer taste. So I hope you enjoy this story (which is about 30-45 minutes long, actually less if you read quickly...).

Anita's Discoveries / Ver: 1.0 [Completed]


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