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The Klub 17 / Ver:

Year of release: 2011

Censorship: None

Developer / Publisher: thriXXX
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Informal
Tabletka: Present

Game language: English
Interface language: Russian (half English)
Voice Language: English

System requirements:
• OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
• CPU: 1 GHz
• RAM: 512 MB
• VRAM: 64 MB
• HDD: 1.03 GB

Description: The second part of the most popular sex simulator 3DSexVilla.3D SexVilla 2 - amazing sex simulator, the best and most famous. Just like in a porn movie, only you manage the process yourself.

Add. information:
Added hook3 + SweetFX graphics enhancements, for their work it is necessary that there are no Russian letters in the path of the installed game and DirectX should be enabled in the settings. And generally it is recommended to enable DirectX.
Three shortcuts are created on the desktop:
1) (TheKlub17) - No graphics improvements.
2) (TheKlub17 - hook3 + SweetFX) - Looks best, but if the computer is weak, it will hang.
3) (TheKlub17 - hook3) - Looks better than option 1, different from the 2nd and FPS above. Suitable for those who hang 2) (TheKlub17 - hook3 + SweetFX).
(TheKlub17 - hook3) and (TheKlub17 - hook3 + SweetFX) conflict with programs - OSD servers (On-Screen Display). Those. programs that display diagnostic information starting from FPS and ending with detailed information about the status of any hardware component of the system.
Additional poses are added; there are two packages of poses:
1) 359 poses
2) 1746 poses (with an open list of poses due to their large number, the FPS is significantly reduced)

Sewn the latest patch V7.5.1.5. Graphics enhancements hook3 + SweetFX is not part of it.

The folder with the clothes or the skin texture or hairstyle should be thrown into ... \ TheKlub17 \ Mod \ ActiveMod.
How to install poses:
Poses (pes and icon files) should be put in \ Community \ PoseEdit
How to install models:
The model (folder named Model ####) must be put in \ Save \ Models \
Customization (folder with the name Customization ####) should be put in the \ Community \ Customizer

The Klub 17 / Ver:


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  1. Aurora17 February 2020 23:12
    Is there a way to make the game entirely english? It's still a bit hard to understand the Russian bits :P
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