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Sensual Adventures: Episode 6 - The Revelation / Ver: Final

Year of issue: 2021
Release date: 2021/02/17

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Puppetmaster

Platform: PC / Windows
Publication type: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: Final
Game language (plot): English
Interface language: English
Voice language: English

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 10 x64, Win7 & Win8 should also work / CPU: INTEL i5, AMD Ryzen 3 / RAM: 8 GB RAM / GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 570 / HDD: ~ 3G

Description: Trinity is feeling a bit sore after that marathon fuck session by the pool, so she books in for a massage at one of the resort’s spa rooms. When her masseuse can’t make the appointment, however, Trinity will have to find another way to loosen up. Fortunately, another guest at the resort is happy to help the futanari girl out.

What's Included
Watch Episode 6 - The Revelation rendered in real time on your PC!
Choose between pussy or anal, night or day, and music or no music.
Has all the view options of the cinematic version but change whenever you like.
Character customization to change hair, skin, wetness, and other features.
Plus Movie-maker mode (with 10 Poses) and customizations!
8 sex positions and 4 Cumshots!

Movie-Maker features
10 Poses to choose from
Free camera control
Auto-Camera mode, for a movie-like experience
Character switching for poses
Choose Anal or Pussy penetration (not all poses supported)

Sensual Adventures: Episode 6 - The Revelation / Ver: Final


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