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TERMINAL DESIRES / Ver: 0.08 Alpha

Release Year: 2020

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch for removal
Developer / Publisher: jimjim-renders

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.08 Alpha
Game language (plot): English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System Requirements (Minimum): Windows

Description: Terminal Desires is an erotic, thematic role-playing game on a zombie theme created using RPG Maker MV. The action takes place in a fictional version of the Earth, where incredibly meager outfits and huge proportions are the norm. Control police officer Tiffany Neal as she and her partner explore the mysterious distress signal from the small, secluded town of Ashton Lake and uncover the horrors inside it.
Explore the city, face formidable enemies in battle, make important story decisions and sexual decisions. Will she obey all her desires? Or will she resist and reveal the shocking truth hidden deep within the walls of the city? Her fate, like the fate of the whole city, depends only on you ...




[NOTE: A new "Stealth" feature will be added in the FULL RELEASE, so the new gameplay sections may be more challenging in this ALPHA.]

*Begin Day 3 and experience 3/5 of the remaining Casino Story scenes.
- Includes 2 new story sex scenes total. One if Kiana is alive. One if Andre is alive.
*Added Renders for Tiffany's 3 new body types.
- Existing combat sex scenes have not yet been updated. They will support Tiffany's new body types in the FULL RELEASE.
*Added the new Bestial Zombie enemy with one combat sex scene.
*Added a new "Frag Grenade" item that can be acquired through the new section of the Casino Story & thrown during combat for massive damage.
*Added the ability to hide the dialogue window by pressing "CTRL".
*Added the ability to view the changelog from the title screen & pause menu.
*Added "non-slut" dialogue variations for when being abandoned by a companion. (Atlas, Long John, Big Barney, Jasper)
*Added updated 2D sprites for Tiffany, Vanessa, Hitomi, Sydney, Debra & Lara. (Credit to "Screwthename")
*Added the ability to use the "Adrenaline Shot" item outside of combat.
- This may be adjusted in future versions when there are more ways to restore Endurance(END).
*Adjusted the layout of the pause menu's GUI elements to make proper use of the space, and added a stat bar for party members' END stat.
*Adjusted sorting weights of inventory items & skills to categorize them.
- This should make it easier to locate & access useful consumable items of the same type, while keeping "trade-only" items towards the bottom.
- For combat skills, "Submit" will now always be the last listed skill. This should help prevent "accidental submissions" during combat

*Adjusted the amount of supplies given to the player & available to loot in the "Casino - Floor 1" club area to decrease the difficulty of that section.
*Adjusted the opacity of the GUI window's backgrounds to help improve text readability.

*Fixed a bug preventing Tiffany from becoming a "slut for beasts" when submitting to them in combat.
*Fixed a bug preventing Tiffany from taking HP damage while dehydrated.
*Fixed a bug where Tiffany's level was being reset to 1 in some instances after the sex scene with Jebadiah.
*Fixed a bug where Tiffany could use Armor Repair Kits while wearing the Farm Outfit.
*Fixed the "Hunger" stat being displayed a second time in place of the "Z Pregnancies" stat in Tiffany's "Status\Stats" page.
*Fixed a bug where Tiffany & Debra could exit the woods without "Big Barney" in the party.
-This was causing Debra's Quest to not progress properly, eventually causing the player to become stuck in the Pharmacy with her in the party.
*Fixed a bug where the "Melee x2" skill was being removed from Tiffany after running out of END.
*Fixed a bug where Vanessa could accidentally be taken into some of the new interiors added in recent versions.
*Fixed some typos other small bugs.


Installation Order:
1. Select a drive
2. Install
3. Play

TERMINAL DESIRES / Ver: 0.08 Alpha

Terminal_Desires_008_ALPHA.rar - 1023811614

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