Demoness Litty

Release Year: 2019
Release Date: 2019/03/14

Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: Shoku (し ょ く)

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Game language (plot): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Voice Language: Japanese

System requirements (minimum):
CPU: Pentium4 2GHz +
Memory: 512MB +
HDD: 380MB +
Video: 1024x768 +
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Description: Litty is the daughter of the previous Demon lord. One day, her father left to
journey an isekai (another world), and she was left to rule the throne.
Litty is both shocked and expects to be able to do whatever she wants but...

Demoness Litty

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