Dance of Sealed Lust ~I'm Feminized, and All My Friends are Lewd-crested and Plowed~ / Ver: 1.03
Hentai Games 23-09-2023, 05:04
An RPG featuring a feminized protagonist, and companion NTR, hypnosis, pure love, male bottom, town-building, etc. elements! Voices are included in battle too. Your heroine companions are
Hypnosis Pencil / Ver: 1.03
Hentai Games 18-09-2023, 03:43
You, the protagonist, are an unpopular male student. Someday I want to get a girlfriend, hopefully to stop being a virgin, I can only wish, but I can't act.... At that time, by chance Just showing
Fantasia ~The customs of a fallen childhood friend~ / Ver: 1.0
Hentai Games 10-07-2023, 01:41
The story of the fall of a childhood friend The protagonist, Yuta, has a childhood friend named Kanade Aoba, a girl who lives in the neighborhood.... She has been with her since childhood, they had
1 525
Heromon SLG -Mysterious Monsters and Their Trainer / ver: 1.52
Hentai Games 1-06-2023, 06:09
A bishoujo monster raising game, complete with battle ero, status effects, and NTR. The heromons are beautiful girls that swear their loyalty and virginity to you,. Train a total of 11 unique
5 293
Perpetual Change / Ver: Final
Hentai Games 14-12-2022, 02:12
A story about diapers and soiling said diapers. You have been warned!​
1 303
St. Maternity Academy: Hypnotic Brainwash Project
Hentai Games 22-11-2022, 08:32
Education Policy: To Raise Cumdumps for Impregnation The Whole Academy Falls under Your Hypnotic Brainwash Take total control over this girls' academy! Go your way to impregnate all women in this
3 032
Sprite Brainwash Factory 1, 2
3D Hentai Video 27-07-2022, 11:51
Welcome to a factory where sprites are caught and turned into living onahole / fl*shlights (male masturbation toys) Enjoy as the sprite we caught today undergoes a onslaught of mechanical
27 678
Mind Control Hentai RPG Review: Pronant Symphony
Pornova — News 30-05-2021, 00:55
Pronant Symphony, a hypnosis hentai RPG developed by EB. Released May 1, 2017. Download on Pornova. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Available in English and Japanese.
6 294
VREA 1.5 The Girl and Those Who Target the Virtual World
Hentai Games 25-02-2021, 22:38
In the last work, Akane Sakura gained control of the company that runs virtual world VREA along with brainwashing abilities. And now she's back to living as a normal high school student.... Then one
8 383
Young Wife Souffle / Ver: 1.02
Hentai Games 27-01-2021, 22:21
"Will" and "Souffle" are childhood friends. They promised to marry when they were still children and have been going steady for a long looong time. They married and were living a
25 723
Alicia's Fall ~The Duality of the Onna Kenshi~
Hentai Games 7-09-2020, 15:03
The inevitable corruption of a woman who lives two lives... By day she hunts monsters with magic; by night she fans desire in a brothel.
8 436
VREA The Girl and the Secret of the Virtual World / Ver: 1.0
Hentai Games 7-05-2020, 23:43
Our protagonist [Akane Sakura] entered the VR - MMORPG [VREA] and finds out about its secret in this card battle RPG.
4 805

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