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TF Runner / Ver:

Year of release: 2017
Release date: 2017/09/30

Censored: Check.
Developer/Publisher: Sicco

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: Original (licensed)
Software Key: Not required
Game language (storyline): English + MTL
Interface Language: English + MTL
Audio Response Language: None

System requirements (minimum): OS: Win / HDD 3GB

Wish of the Amazons
You are a proud knight, a conqueror of the forest, who has fallen into a trap. The dominant druid Cassandra has forced you to serve her. You fear that you are turning into a woman. If you refuse to run errands (sweeping, cooking, shining shoes), you will be temporarily turned into an animal, spanked or subjected to special punishment. If you refuse to wear an apron, you will be punished. If you don't help in mixing potions well, you will be punished. If your mistress wants you to wash her back and you grop her, you will be...

There are other optional fetishes:

Sex with shemale. Dressing a woman up as a shemale. Shemale and shemale sex.
Becoming a maid, washing your mistress and shaving her pubic hair.
Dressing up in women's clothing.
Assist in lesbian sex, wet orgasm (squirt), pissing.

Cassandra is your mistress, whom you have promised to serve. She gives you tasks, you get a paycheck, food, and a place to sleep. If you don't do the task well, or if you refuse, you will be punished. But if you behave well, Cassandra will offer to have sex with another Amazon woman who wants to get pregnant because you are the only man in the forest. Cassandra also teaches you how to make magic potions, and later suggests that you turn into a woman and change your name. If you don't behave, Cassandra will make you a maid.
Dandelion - you will find her in the dungeon, in the blueberry forest, if you are already at least 20% transformed into a woman. Dandelion was not an Amazon from birth. She ran away to the Amazons when the soldiers raped her. She likes to talk about girly things. She makes you look at the Amazons in a different way. She helps you around the house, teaches you how to dress and how to shave your pubic hair.
Xenia (an optional story with a man) is an Amazon who, like other Amazons, has not seen men before. She is a lesbian and, like the others, has no respect for men. Xenia feels that she is different. She doesn't like men, but she would like to touch a penis. Xenia lives in a village with other Amazons, and at first she doesn't want to talk to you, you must have at least A breasts and a penis. One day Xenia discovers that she also wants a penis. You can make her a potion called "Centauri wine" from a mushroom and a blue flower, and then she will have her own penis and become a man. Later she will want a body oil made of sunflower and white flower.
One night, at the moment of your 40 percent transitor into a woman, a forest fire will start. This is a mandatory mission. You must engage in a firefight with Cassandra to save the Amazons. Since you saved the Amazons, they will respect you.
Mea & Vea - (optional lesbian moshing story) They are lesbian sisters. They start talking to you after a forest fire. Mea is a hairdresser and can change the length, style and color of your hair. Later they will ask you to make a vibrator (made of honeycomb and mushroom. When they ask you to make another vibrator, one will not be enough, they will offer you sex. Vea experience wet orgasms (squirt).

TF Runner / Ver:


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