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Year of release: 2022

Censorship: No censorship
Developer/Publisher: Lumifel

Platform: PC/Windows/Linux/Android
Edition Type: In Development
Keyboard: Not required
Version: Ch. 1-3
English Language: English
Interface Language: English

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows

Description: Solaria, the home of the elves, finally welcomes humanity after hundreds of years. Lucrast and Nara, a married couple of elves, are the first to welcome a human in Solaria . He is officially here to foster harmony between elves and humans. But in reality he came for the gorgeous elven women, and Nara will be his first conquest.
Something is not quite right in Solaria. A darkness is beginning to spread, and the elves are losing control of their own magic.
The arrival of one man—an antihero—will set in motion a series of events that will permanently change the face of Solaria.

Ch. 1-3
-Initial release
-First 3 chapters of the Kinetic Novel.

Developer Notes:
I have used AI for most of the illustrations, all the narration, and the story. It is a personal project that I do in my free time, and I really enjoy the process of using and training AI, so making a VN was a good excuse to do so.
In particular, I'm doing my best to create a consistent style for the character. A perfect workflow doesn't exist yet, and little to no content exists about it, so I'm learning by myself.
There are no "raw" images from Stable Diffusion. There is still a significant amount of manual drawing and editing. It's the same for the audio and the script.

Solaria.rar - 1.7 GB

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