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ISLANDEITY / Ver: 0.08a

Year of release: 2022

Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Forlorn Faun

Platform: PC/Windows/Linux
Edition Type: In Development
Patch: Not required
Version: 0.08a
Game Language: English
Interface Language: English

Description: You find yourself on a flight, before you reach your destination the plane crashes.
You end up on a tropical island, where plants, creatures and people are all alien & very hostile to you.
This is a sandbox trainer game, with visual novel story telling and top down exploration.

What's new?
Makeup & Hair
Added facial and hair alteration to work with the new face.
Updated every natural hair color shade.
Shader changes.
Sex and animations
New paired animation - pinned anal.
Added blowjob animation.

Female character
New climax effect for both male and female characters.
Facial expression changes to fanatic character.
New blend shapes.
Added thicker legs.
Mind breaking is slightly different now, but still simple to accomplish.
GUI changes.
Changed over some GUI buttons to fit the pixel UI theme style.
Training room
Countless fixes and tweaks to the room.
All outside animations inside the training room.
I have REMOVED all the old animations, they weren't up to quality as the new ones and I'm really working hard to improve my work.

Other stuff
The entire animation system has been swapped over to allow for paired interactions outside of the training area.
Slight camera changes for encounter exploration.
A lot of nameless bug fixes.
Fixed pink color saturation in training room (Need confirmation)

ISLANDEITY / Ver: 0.08a


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