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Tales From The Unending Void / Ver: 0.11 Extra Scenes Edition

Year of issue: 2019
Release date: 2022/01/21

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Perverteer (site), patreon
Translation: Version 0.1 - Alex Merfy | Version 0.7 - PrettyWolfy

Platform: PC / Windows / Mac / Android
Publication type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.11 Extra Scenes Edition
Game language (plot): English + Russian (translation is built-in, switchable in the settings, 11 out of 12 chapters have been translated)
Interface language: English + Russian
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows, HDD: 2,98 GB

**Update to 0.11 Extra Scenes Edition

Description: Kamran is a young nobleman from Sovereignty, a part of space ruled by humans. A former cadet at the Terran Space Academy and now a deserter, Kamran is forced to wander the galaxy in the company of loyal friends, family, and a green-skinned slave girl in search of her kidnapped sister (one of two, the other travels with you), encountering various space dilemmas along the way!

Short review:
Written based on a walkthrough of the game version 0.8.

Tales From The Unending Void is a visual novel about the galactic adventures of the protagonist, Kamran (there is an option to rename the protagonist), who embarks on a journey through endless space in search of his kidnapped sister. I should say at once that you shouldn't expect a super-top space saga level mind-blowing storyline from this game, but I personally liked the plot. Also, IMHO, the plot gets more fun somewhere after the first 2 chapters, when the crew gets together and the real adventure begins. Initially the crew will be small, but gradually grow by a factor of two.
The gameplay of Tales From The Unending Void, as it is a novella, comes down to small dialog choices as the story progresses. Basically, the choices affect the characters' attitudes towards the GG, and consequently the chance of a romantic relationship with one character or another. The choices are intuitive, but just in case there is a guide in the handout. The game also lets you skip unwanted fetishes like transgenders, hermaphrodites, pregnant women, urinating, etc.
I didn't see any elaborate branching in the game. But there's a chance that the game won't get lost in the pile of ruths, as some developers do, and will be completed. By the way, one completed game the author already has (Sisterly Lust, myself has not played, so I can not compare the progress in development, but judging by the screenshots, at least the difference in the graph is tremendous).
Developing the theme of graphics, it is simply gorgeous: I admire not only the quality of images, but also the variety of landscapes and characters. In general, the visual accompaniment of space adventures is done at a very high level. During the dialogues the characters usually blink, it seems to be nothing special, but you can give it a small plus. And in the sex scenes there are necessarily animations.
The sex content itself is enough, and it is distributed evenly throughout the game. The game's civilization is quite amorous, a sort of young curly Shepherd from Mass Effect) can sleep with all sorts of people, aliens humanoid type, sisters, cousins, aunt, girlfriend, personal slave, etc. A wide variety of fetishes are implemented (see tags).
And all this against a background of pleasant music, it's just a pity that the voice acting is not in the game (.
Also on the plus side is the built-in Russian language. Translation from the island, but the author has integrated it into his version.
About the status of development. The first version appeared at the very end of 2019, that is, the game is 1.5 years old. During this time, 8 chapters of the story came out, i.e. somewhere between 2-2.5 months for 1 chapter. Thus, the development is progressing quite briskly and there is a chance to see the final version in the future. By the way, the passage of 1 chapter of my time took 1.5-2 hours, ie, a total of 12-16 hours.
In general, I got the game, who like the WH and space adventures - you can safely rock)

Tales From The Unending Void / Ver: 0.11 Extra Scenes Edition


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