MIST / Ver: 1.0.3

Year of issue: 2019
Release date: 2022/10/04

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: 395games

Platform: PC / Windows / Android
Publication type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.10 Rus / 1.0.3 Eng

Game language (plot): English+Russian
Interface language: English+Russian
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows, HDD: 3.36 GB

**Update to 0.10 Rus / 1.0.3 Engs

Description: You want to relax in your late grandfather's old mountain cabin while everything around you is shrouded in a thick, unnatural fog. What's worse, along with the fog come bloodthirsty shadowy monsters. But there is a glimmer of hope: in this apocalypse you won't be surviving alone, but with a young adorable girl whom you helped to save. Tensions are very high and survival is very challenging, but you have to cope! Survive, solve mysteries, and make connections with the girls you meet during the apocalypse!

Removed typos. Hundreds of them. I'm not even kidding. Thanks to many people from the community like Mythril Leaf, Lone Ranger or Keless, to name a few, I managed to get rid of soooo many typos. And I think in the process I actually understood some grammar rules that I didn't get until now.

Bugfixes. Not that many but a few important ones. Like a rare softlock that could occur in the tunnels and problems with the fishing system.

Adjusted Images. There were very few wrong images still in the game. Basically images from older versions that I've now changed. There were also a few images that needed some adjustements to their brightness, which I've also done.

MIST / Ver: 1.0.3


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  1. Andre Lincoln
    admin6 August 2020 23:33
    So, I will write a little review, because the game, in my opinion, is not sufficiently promoted, but for me personally it was a real find. I liked absolutely everything in this game: the plot, the gameplay, the graphics, the content, the music, but about everything in order.

    Let's start with the plot. Already by the name of the game (Mist - fog) you can guess that the plot will be somehow intersect with the story of the same name King. And indeed, while GG decides to rest in some wilderness, everywhere suddenly there is a mysterious haze, hiding shadowy monsters. Not exactly like the ones in the story, but also very dangerous. With them, the player has to constantly fight for his own survival. The main beauty of the story is that there is no incest, which in itself will have many to like. There is a YG, there is a girl with whom at first have to survive YG, then they will join another one. At the same time, no one will hang on to a GH at first. The relationship between heroes will develop gradually. Survival is what will come to the fore. There will be worries about the apocalypse and the death of relatives and friends. On the other hand, you can not say that the game is too serious, a good share of humor is also present. In general, the plot is quite interesting to follow, and with all the mysticism here is not clear where the game will lead GG, so it will be very interesting.

    As for the gameplay, everything is pretty good here again. In front of us is really a game, not just HH. Yes, in general, it is quite linear, that is, the player will perform plot quests in a given sequence. However, the game has a lot of interesting mechanics. The player will have to explore the environment, to get food, including fishing, farming, pumping the character, fighting monsters, fighting some kind of curse, building a base, and much more. With each new developer adds more and more mechanics. For example, the last update has a system of moral support, associated with the girls, which gives a temporary buff on one of the parameters of GG. The menus in the game are convenient, clear, in quests do not get lost. You can quietly enjoy the game.

    Graphics, as can be seen from the screens, not quite standard for most of today's games. Honestly, I have no idea what programs do the content of this game. But as a user I note that, first, the game is just a lot of animation. Animated as scenes of sexual nature, and various actions of the player. Secondly, individual scenes are made in the form of long videos. So from the visual side of the game looks just chic.

    Sex content is present in sufficient quantity. Already in the current version has full sex with both girls. The scenes are pretty hot. In fact, look at the screenshots.

    Throughout the game will play melodies that support the mysterious atmosphere of anarchy chorror, then create an intimate atmosphere during the bed scenes. There are also various sound effects. Still add the voice of female characters - in general, the price of the game was not. But even so, everything is quite qualitatively done.

    Game development continues less than a year. The first version was released in December last year. Passing version 0.3.1 took me about a day. So personally I am all positive about this game and its prospects. I advise everyone to download and try it on their own).
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