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Legend Of Krystal Parody - The New Adventure / Act 2 - 0.08

Release Year: 2020
Update Date: 2021/11/04

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: ShineSL

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: Act 2 - 0.08
Game language: English
Interface language: English

System requirements (minimum):
:: CPU Pentium®4 2.4GHz :: RAM 1GB ::
:: DirectX 10 :: HDD 2GB ::

Description: Furry Gone Wild.

this update is more of a cosmetic and bug fixing rather than a full-fledged continuation, but a lot of work still was done in it:

- I have reviewed and reassembled virtually all the video files that I have already used in this game. I had to dig a lot through the archives, but I managed to collect everything I needed and sort everything in such a way as to reduce the size of the game by 600 megabytes, and at the same time, the decrease in the amount of content would not be noticeable for most users. For the future - I have one more option - to reduce the game by another 500 megabytes by not too significant (but noticeable) decreasing in video quality, but I will leave this option as a last resort.

- As funny as it sounds, it took me few days to find some good music tracks for my game. I have researched quite a few YouTube channels with free-to-use music (no copyright), and about 5 new music tracks were added to the game, which should somewhat diversify the gaming atmosphere. Also, the volume of some other sounds that seemed too quiet against the general background was increased.

- I made significant adjustments to the dialogues at the very beginning of the game and when communicating with the Space Station Commander, so now Krystal speaks less foul language in moments where it is not really necessary.

- Since I have an interactive map (starting from version 006) - quite a few changes were made to the game code for it, including more understandable hints on mission objectives (and not only), so if now someone again won't be able to get to the *Command Center* in the beggining of the game... I don't even know what else I can offer you in order to make this path even easier...

One way or another, I plan to start working on the next game update after completing a large video order (large video, about an hour), and completing one Pin-Up on a free topic. Maybe about the holiday of Halloween (although I have already released a video on this topic), but may be something else.

Legend Of Krystal Parody - The New Adventure / Act 2 - 0.08


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    this game keep evolve, the last update can be found here (dev's twitter) -

    1. Andre Lincoln
      admin5 July 2021 22:12
      Thanks mate
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