Healslut / Ver: 0.76e

Year of issue: 2019
Release date: 2022/07/11

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Davie Zwei

Platform: PC / Windows
Publication type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.76e
Game language (plot / interface): English

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows/Linux; HDD: 1 Gb

**Update to 0.76e

Description: "Healslut" is a Ren'Py visual novel game where you are fully immersed in a virtual fantasy world as a very particular class of healer. How will you deal with being a hottie restricted to the most trivial armor while stuck in a role expected to tend the needs of the others in your group? (This is not a kinetic VN, your choices will have consequences for both the story and characters.)

From me:
a very funny visual novelty with lots of colorful characters; many choices have consequences and affect the plot.

You play for nerda hikku (you can choose your gender - and this also affects many dialogues), which is the official beta tester of the role-playing MMO game "Powerful Order Online" and its new addition with the speaking name MEGAREAL. But it's not that simple: you'll have to play for a hot baby of an unusual role-playing class, and role server rules prohibit you from quitting - you don't want to get fired, do you? But surprises do not end there - the most interesting thing ahead!

Extras:in a folder with the game is a walkthrough guide in English.

• Kayden's free-use dinner scene is now completed (72 freakin renders for 2 images in the scene!)
• Futa Sparkle can now choose to bottom for Harmony at the camp outside the Goblin village
• Can now do sexytimes with Manster in Underwell regardless of having Harmony in the party
• If in a relationship with Panki+/-Lel, Sparkle has opportunities to quit free use near the start of her duties
• Can now attempt to smuggle the Pixie power regardless of having the Fairy Form spell
• Tons of renders redone for lighting consistency and clarity (thanks writer's block!)
• Altered the girl version of the "steamy" outfit to be without bra instead of without bottoms because boobs
• Changed the ADU collar classic girl hair because I wanted to
• Added "Lying with Lel" to Replay Scenes
• Added some images to the starting questions screens
• Added a bit more content to the "bumplug after sexytimes with Kayden" scene
• Added subtle click sound when making choices to give them some weight
• Fixed incorrect opening sound for the status screen
• 80% "just" removed because of way too much "just"

Healslut / Ver: 0.76e


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