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Reparations / Ver: Ch. 3

Updated: 04/11/2020
Developer/Publisher: Jobeo (Skree on this site)
Censorship: None
Version: Ch. 3
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

**Update to Ch. 3

Description: You're a student at an all white school. You have a very close relationship with all your family members, who are blood related. Recently, president Tyrone Washington has passed a series of Reparation laws that may upend your idyllic existence. Only time will tell how his program of Reparations will impact your life.

Chapter 3 ** TEXT DESCRIPTION **:
*SPOILER* *PLAY BEFORE READING* When the chapter begins your father will be with a BBW black goddess. She will make him drink used condoms, piss in his face, and let him suckle from her teet. You will have a scene with your girlfriend where she will want to wear a butt plug. There are different routes for whether she will want you do wear a plug as well and if she will want you to clean shit off the plug, these things are optional. The sex ed teacher will talk about the inferiority of white men and begin a content to have you abused. In a toilet training scene you will consume piss and optionally shit (aka scat). She will give you a brace job which entails rubbing her braces across your weiner until you bleed. More girls will abuse your balls. You will report to the principle and he will have a dog bite you on the balls as punishment for prior indiscretions. Your sister will get fucked by a dog. She will want to sit on your face so you can eat the dog cum out of her. There will be a new teacher who I call the history teacher but he is actually a math teacher but doesn't know math. He will molest multiple girls in the class, which is a crime (but not in this new society as it is legal). He will face fuck a girl from the class and have her deep throat his BBC. She is not very good at sucking, as her previous boyfriends only had a 1 inch weiner. She will puke all over his dick and then all over the floor and finally he just cums in her mouth and has her gargle with it. You and your family will have a raunchy movie night which involves many scenes where your sisters and mother will be bred by black studs. The black men will drug and your sisters. You will get caught sticking your fingers up your sisters ass, a technique you will call "getting honey from the honeypot". This will result in your sister being raped again. After she is raped you will dutifully eat the cum out of her snatch as really this makes a lot of sense. At a dinner where you father comes home you will have the option of going off to war with him to fight the current regime in a fun scene I call Vietnam. If you decline this gambit you will be reproached by your sisters when you go to sleep with them or lick their assholes. The game will end with a cliffhanger scene involving one of your sisters in a horse riding getup that will leave obvious implications as to where the next chapter is going

Reparations-Chapter3-pc.zip - 777341035

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