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The Gift Reloaded / Ver: 008b

Release date: 8 July 2019

Censorship: No
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Description: The Gift is a first-person mind control/corruption adult game made in renpy. You are an ordinary guy, living at home with your mother and sister, struggling to live your life. But one day, by a lucky twist of fate, you find a mind control drug that will drastically change your life! From now on you are able to influence the minds of everyone around you and you will use this ability to make your nastiest fantasies come true!​

Chengelog v0.08:
- Introduction of Nikki, a new character: Start her quest and discover her secret…
- Continue Rachel’s and Karen’s quest: have some sexy fun with both of them!
- Face your Enemy Mindlos and see your loved ones again!
- 7 new quest events added: 2x Rachel, 2x Karen, 2x Nikki, 1x Mindlos
- v0.08 is completely save game compatible, no new game/save is required!
- Fixed some bugs.

Console cheat:
e.g. player_money
player_money=100 **set the player_money to 100
player_money+=100 **+100 to current value of player_money
e.g. girl_insertslavename_skill...

The Gift Reloaded / Ver: 008b


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