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Succulence 2: Live Action / Ver: 0.5.4

Year of release: 2019
Release date: 2021/01/26

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: [R] Nest Games

Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.5.4
Game language (plot): Russian (0.4.4) + English
Interface language: Russian (0.4.4) + English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): CPU: 2.0 GHz; RAM: 1 GB; VRAM: 128 MB; HDD: 2 GB

**Update to 0.5.4

Description: Sequel to Succulence

- 5 Weekend Bar events
- 6 Work Week Bar events
- 2 TV events(Need to do Quiz Show once to see them if you're on an old save file)
- Battle Attack Skills CG update
- Battle turn order changed to be more fluid
- Status Menu visual update
- More stats added to Stats Screen
- Leveling Screen added
- Title Menu update with new titles and bonuses
- Lust Meter updated to be more clear
- Boulevard, Bar and TV Studio maps have been changed
- Black Suit CG updated slightly
- Rent CG updated
- Pool mini-game difficulty updated
- TV rating prototype added(back-up version)

- Titles now have active and passive bonuses. Active bonuses are active when equipped, passives are applied when the title is unlocked.
- All in-game titles are visible in title menu, both locked and unlocked.
- Some date partners in the bar have a cooldown - they won't be available on the night right after they got seduced.
- Some choices now have icons that represent the lust meter amount required to unlock the choice.
- All Level Gauges are capped at level 0, except for Depravity, which is capped at level 1. This means that only Depravity can be leveled(one time) once the gauge is filled, the rest will stay unleveled until next update.(the gauges still fill up)

Didn't make it:
- Main story - Pushed to 0.45
- Desire Shop item expansion - Ran out of time. Will be prioritized heavily in 0.45
- TV event expansion - Some of the events that were originally made for TV studio got remade to bar events, because they fit more there.
- Pool events - same as TV expansion events
- Rent expansion - I got a good look at the event I prepared, and was dissatisfied with how CG looks. I also have an idea on how to improve it, so I'll postpone the new rent development until 0.45

Then there's TV ratings - the ratings technically work now(though they are capped because they are tied to main story), but that's the old prototype.
I spent a bunch of days trying to get a really nice looking rating screen to work, but I failed. It would take much more than 2 days to properly implement it, so that will be the first thing I'll work on after this release is done. A shame, since I really wanted to show that mechanic off -___-

Succulence 2: Live Action / Ver: 0.5.4


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