Last Hope / Ver: 18.2

Year of release: 2019
Release Date: 2021/11/25
Date Updated: 2022.08.21

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Poolside Games

Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 15.1 Rus / 18.2 Eng + Nude Mod
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English, Russian, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Voice Language: English

System requirements (minimum): OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 HDD: 4 GB

**Update to 15.1 Rus / 18.2 Eng + Nude Mod

Description: You are the sole male aboard the star pursuer spaceship along with three women. The ship has shut down and the only way to get it going again is for you to fill up the planet seeder (G.A.I.A) with semen. Just because you are the only guy aboard doesn't mean the others can't help you out, and who knows maybe they want it more than you do.

Nude Mod:
Inside the archive, a folder Nudemod, which should be copied into the folder of the game where the ehshnik.
To turn on the mod open the folder Nudemod and select the appropriate file with the desired mod, to put everything back in place open the file Back to all the girls clothes.bat
Take clothes off Adrianna.bat - Adrianna only
Take clothes off of Katherine.bat - Katherine only
Take Clothes Off Natasha.bat - Natasha Only
Take clothes off all girls.bat - All girls. Adrianna, Katherine, Natasha, E.T. 1,2,3 dream girls - Bosetta, Mage Girl, Cave Girl.

Made Nude mod - Only Adrianna - Only Katherine - Only Natasha - All girls. Adrianna, Katherine, Natasha, Alien Girl. 1,2,3 dream girls - Bowsette, Magic Girl, Cave Girl.

Fixed animation errors
UI Rework
UI now scales correctly with all resolutions
More resolution options
Hint system has been fully reworked
The order that some scenes become avaliable has been changed to make progression easier and to better reflect your current relationship with the girl
Shop items are now picked up automatically (any unclaimed items are also picked up)
Checklist, progression, and item menus are all now part of the tablet
Softlock on the alienship has been fixed
Some other bug fixes aswell

Last Hope / Ver: 18.2


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