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Where It All Began / Ver: 0.6 6 full

Year of release: 2018
Release Date: 2020/06/13

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Oceanlab

Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.6 6 full- Custom render tier
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows, Linux HDD 3Gb

**Update to 0.6 6 full- Custom render tier

Description: Years have passed. Things have changed. After a surprising call from your twin sister, you decide to head home to see what the hell is going on. And you certainly didn't expect that.

Additional information: the patch is installed. There is a passage. Some safes do not work, NTR is disabled at the beginning of the game.

v0.6 Full
- Two new Main menu buttons
- Bonus scene
- Bug Fix

v0.6 Beta
- Added Around 1000 still renders.
- 25+ animations (~ 1400 renders)
- 2 Cinematics (~ 3150 renders)
- 31.000+ words added.
- Custom GUI added. (Work in Progress. It will be overhauled with the rework.)
- Small intro added (Will also be overhauled with the rework.)
- 3 Custom galleries added with custom galleries for each girl.
- 30+ animated transitions added.
- Ability to name 'Save-Files' added.
- You can now choose the girl you want to spent the night on the camping trip.
- Complete rework of Leia, Abigail, Helen, Scarlet, Katarina, Ronda, Katie, Melinda, etc.
- 1 Advanced Fetish route added to Katie's route
- New main-menu background music (Vesky - Regret.)
- Default name for the MC added. (William)
The walkthrough is reluctant because of the upcoming rework of the first 4-5 versions. Use the old one.
With the rework, Chapter 6 will get a WT.
1740 new still images.

Whereitallbegan.rar - 3521579172

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