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Big Brother: Another Story / Ver: 0.07.p2.06

Year of release: 2020
Release Date: 2021/12/02

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Dark Silver - MOD Smirniy

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: 0.07.p2.06
Game language (plot): Russian + English
Interface Language: Russian + English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Win 7/8/10 | HDD: 3GB

**Update to 0.07.p2.06

Description: The main character is Max, a guy who lives in a poor family with his mother and two sisters. However, quite recently the family received a gift from Max's father - a huge house with a swimming pool! But there is still no money and we have to hold on somehow. Whether Max will manage to earn money, whether to seduce all women in his family and achieve something in life - already depends on the player.

Extras: This distribution contains the full game version from Dark Silver, which in turn is modified and includes a huge number of additional events that continue the plot of this unfinished game. All of this is exclusively in the RUSSIAN language. That is, you do not need, as in the previously encountered distributions, something to copy and transfer somewhere. Is that only the old players to move their savings in the Save folder.

WARNING: Even the use of native cheats can lead to bugs, so do not recommend their use!

IMPORTANT: Do not put together with other mods - it disrupts performance!
Using cheats and third-party SAWs can lead to bugs!

From the author: Good day to all fans of Big Brother! As you know, its author abandoned the game and engaged in a new project, leaving many fans of the game from around the world at the "broken trough". Some of them, in turn, did not want to sit back and in order to continue the adventures of beloved characters game started to write a variety of mods. All of them, as you know, in contrast to the base game, came out only in English, which limited the circle of users among the Russian-speaking players. To eliminate this injustice, and I did this work, which contains only the Russian language, and consisting of the most diverse, published at the moment, mods. Naturally, all those events with frankly terrible graphics are not used, and all the other graphics are "adjusted" to the graphics of the base game. Using numerous developments from fan-art, several new events were created, and the English ones were improved (both the graphics and the software component).

This is a continuation: of the relationship with Lisa, not to be confused with the dead-end relationship with Olivia. Not to be confused with the relationship with Olivia, which is a dead end. But don't be upset, both Olivia and her mother, Diana, are present in this branch as well.

- now you can catch Olivia changing clothes with Lisa;
- Eric accuses Max of stealing (only when feuding);
- Alice, Lisa, and Ann do not want to interact with Max after being accused of stealing (only when feuding);
- Max tries to frame Eric in a feud (with Alice if he has 2 photos with Eric / with Lisa if he has 1 photo or none at all);
- two successful denouements (Eric gets chased away);
- Max is sent to a military camp if he cannot prove his innocence of theft;
- update the main screen of the game (search for cookies in the game to open costumes and their detailed configuration);
- Ann changes clothes in a different way;
- Eric now spends time with Kira at night by the pool if he knows about Max having fun with Kira in the tub (only when feuding);
- new interaction with Kira in the shower (if Max didn't visit her at night in the pool);
- added two animations with Max and Kira at the TV.

Gaid: v.
Lisa notices Max with Anna in the kitchen 1 time - (living room 20.00) (except Mondays and Thursdays) - when choosing - "Fuck in the pussy - Fucking as hard as you can"
Lisa notices Max with Anna in the kitchen 2 times - (living room 8 p.m.) (except Monday and Thursday) - when choosing - "Fuck in the pussy - Fucking hard"
Lisa notices Max with Anna in the kitchen 3 times - (living room 8 p.m.) (except Monday and Thursday) - when choosing - "Fuck in the pussy - Fucking hard"
Lisa notices Max with Anna in the kitchen 4 times - Lisa approaches - (living room 8 p.m.) (except Monday and Thursday) - when choosing - "Fuck in the pussy - Fuck it hard"
Lisa notices Max with Anna in the kitchen 5 times - Lisa joins in - (living room 8 p.m.) (except Monday and Thursday) - when choosing - "Fuck in the pussy - Fuck it hard"
Lisa notices Max with Lisa in the kitchen -POST (living room 8 p.m.) (except Mondays and Thursdays) - closes the sex scene with Anna in the kitchen) - when choosing - "Fuck in the pussy - Fuck it hard"
Conversation with Kira and Anna about the film they made - (pool 12:00) - the phrase "You look good!"
Anton's film at the studio with Kira and Anna - (lounge 3:00 Wednesday/Sunday) - Hide and Wait
Max finds out about Anna's meeting with Anton - (pool 12:00) - phrase "Looking good!"
Max is on the bike and watching Mom - (Mom's room 10:00/11:00 Thursday/Friday - phrases "What are you planning to do? - How about a chat then?"
Max talks to Mom in the living room (living room 9 p.m.) - phrases "What do you plan to do? - Can I talk to you?
Anton comes to get Alice - confrontation with Olivia (pool 4 p.m. - Monday/Thursday) - phrase "I see... Hmmm... Who else is here?"
Max on motorcycle follows Mom - Olivia 1 time (Mom's room 10:00/11:00 Wednesday/Thursday) - phrases "What are you planning to do - Can we chat then?"
Max on motorcycle - Olivia 2 times (pool - 5 p.m. Tuesday/Friday - "Get out of the house" button) - Go to Olivia's
Max gives Olivia a scandal (pool - 4 p.m. Monday/Thursday) - phrase "It's okay, sunbathe..."
Max on motorcycle - ordering a hot tub repair (pool 5 p.m. Tuesday/Friday - "Get out of the house" button) - Go to Olivia
Max on motorcycle -visits Diane, then Anton - (pool 5 p.m. Tuesday/Friday - "Out of the House" button) - Go to Olivia
Max visits Diane - sex in a Jacuzzi for the first time (Pool 5 p.m. Tuesday - Out of the House button) - Go to Olivia's
Max arrives at Diane's house - sex in the Jacuzzi - POST (Pool 5 p.m. Tuesday) - "Check out" button) - Go to Olivia's house
Anton arrives from the club with Kira and Alice - (pool 03.00 Saturday) - phrase "I think you're keeping up with her too!"
Max talks to Alice in the living room (living room 10 p.m.) - phrases "Don't mind the company? - Well, how are you?"
Max talks to Anna in the living room - (living room 21.00) - phrases "What do you plan to do? - How are you after what happened?"
Max talks to Kira and Anna - (pool 12 p.m.) - phrases "Looking good!"
Attack - (Mom's room 10:00 Saturday/Sunday) - phrases "What do you plan to do? - You wanted to talk to me."
Max at the doctor's office after the attack
The morning after the party.

Separate branch - does not affect the passage of the main storyline
Vika at the bar... Hi there, Vika!
Vica - at home 1 time - Hi there, Vica!
Vica - beach - POST - Hi there, Vica!

Big Brother: Another Story / Ver: 0.07.p2.06


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