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Swing & Miss / Ver: 0.65.3

Release Date: 2018

Developer / Publisher: Infidelisoft

Platform: PC / Windows / Linux
Type of publication: In development
Eng Version: 0.65.3
Rus Version: 0.55.3
Game language (plot): English + Russian
Interface language: English + Russian
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum):
HDD: 3,16 GB

**Update to 0.65.3

Description: The story centers around the protagonist (you) and your wife Fiona. The two of you have been married for over a decade and get along perfectly. You know you're blessed to have a wife like Fiona, but you can't help but wish you had a more active sex life with her...

List of changes:
The Patreon-supported and chosen final ending to the game
Some small text additions to the Threesome ending

2 new endings
2 new CG sets and a total of 65 new variations
7 new sprite variations
10K more words

Swing___Miss.rar - 3389312929

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