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Cross Mars Game Review

Cross Mars Game Review
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Pornova — News 22-02-2022, 06:13
Cross Mars is a new made for the fans of lewd content and Yaoi Visual Novel games. Yaoi is an anime genre used in mangas and hentai as a category for boy x boy content. Visual Novels are comics fused with a game where you follow the adventures of the main character. You can also choose what to say from time to time, and the further plot depends on what you decide to say. Like any good VN, you have many options that you can choose from and lead your destiny, a.k.a. Mikas. Cross Mars is a Yaoi Visual Novel about a shota called Mika that goes on a trip to Mars and meets its residents. Mika is a time traveler that goes on a mission in space, and due to technical problems, he has to land on Mars. He meets its residents, who are called Martians, who take care of him while he is there. For Mika to be safe in their environment, he has to cross-dress as a female to look as feminine as possible. In this Yaoi Visual Novel Mika gets seduced by other shotas who are residents of the planet Mars and are also crossdressers. While he gets seduced, his adventures rise, and he falls into a hole of pleasure and lust. He might look small, but he will reveal his huge chode that many Martians will love once he removes his dress. Cute shotas from the planet Mars will sword fight with Mika's pride and seduce him into fucking his little bum.

Start playing Cross Mars today!

Animation is well made and 2D, while all the characters are animated for a dialogue that happens in many different backgrounds. Thopa studio makes background music for Cross Mars Yaoi Visual Novel with the best tracks for action and sex scenes. This VN gives you the choice of choosing your path, and there are many choices that you're free to choose. As any Visual Novel game is very easy to play and enjoyable if you're a fan of this type of stuff. Cross x Mars Yaoi Visual Novel will take you on a lewd adventure with great animation and background music. If you're a fan of lewd content, cute shotas, and Visual Novels, you stumbled upon the right place. As a dreamer and lover of the fantasy genre, you will enjoy Mika's lewd adventures on Mars as he meets its residents. This cute cross-dressing shota boy will make your fantasies come true as you together explore the planet Mars. Mika will go on his adventures in his cute Lolita dress with dependence on your guide while he meets Martians. Will you let your cute shota get seduced by other cute shota Martians from Mars, or will you try to protect him? Start playing Cross Mars Yaoi Visual Novel today and enjoy your and Mika's adventures while his cute bum gets fucked by Martians!
Try to hold on for 15 minutes and don't end up. I bet you can't do it.
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