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Generous Donation 2

Release date: 2020

Duration: 00:16:39
Author: Rikolo, NYL

Description: Sarah, a well-endowed futa, just finished donating her sample to her local sperm bank. There’s just one problem: her deposit went into the wrong ‘container’. Now the bank’s nurse must do her best to rouse another donation from her salacious client in this hot and heavy sequel.

Video quality: WEB-DL
Video format: MP4

Generous_Donations_2.mp4 - 1919909175

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Sarah, a well endowed futa, decides to make some cash donating her 'sample' to the local sperm bank. When her cute nurse notices her promising potential, Sarah encourages her to do whatever she can to secure as much of her 'donation' as possible.
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Especially for fans of Girls 4Ever, New films in this genre. I think you will like it.
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"Sarah's babysitter may be soft and cuddly, but his 'targeted massage' can be hard to bear. Joel can make it stop with the press of a button, but only if Sarah helps him first."
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