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LordAardvark Works

Year of production: 2019

Duration: 03:15:13
English language

Description: My name is LordAardvark. I have been making erotic animations in Source Filmmaker for nearly five years now. My art has evolved and grown a lot over the years, and these days, I am focusing on making animated series, shorts, and films: complete with original voice acting, full-fledged plots, and comprehensive scripts.

While porn is a definite staple of my productions, it is not all there is. My series and films are written with comprehensive plots and sub-plots, engaging stories, and a healthy dose of character drama sprinkled with comedic relief. I am a writer first, but I know what my audience wants: gratuitous debauchery clearly defined by voluminous quantities of filthy, sweaty, nasty sex. I deliver exactly that, written in a way that, while it might bend suspension of disbelief, is at least coherent and fits in with the story written around it.

My shorts are an exception to the rule, often eschewing the flair of complex story and drama in favor of singular sexy ideas, often written in a campy, cheeky, and often downright satirical format. Where the films and series are serious endeavors in telling stories that pivot around the delectable act of fucking each other's brains out, the shorts often instead poke fun of either the tropes of the universe they are based in, or poke fun at the absurdities of porn in general.

If you are looking for 3d porn that is made with a passion for writing, intense attention to detail, and an insatiable lust for fast and intense fucking, then you've come to the right place:

Video quality: WEB-DL
Video Format: MP4, WebM

LordAardvarksfm_fix_.rar - 19603443746

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