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Bloodlust Cerene (Affect3D Miro)

Year produced: 2017.

Duration: 00:27:09
Language: English

Description: Bloodlust Cerene is a new 3DX adventure based on medieval fantasy. At last we can explore the historical scenery, outfits, manners, magic that this fantasy era has to offer, but with a much more interesting ingredient: sex! And let's not forget about vampires. No fantasy is complete without vampires. Everyone knows that. But our vampire, the sweet, gentle and extremely innocent Cerena, is a very different kind of vampire...

More info:
Vampire Ceren.
Ceren is a master vampire and has watched the whole life of a prince unfold. Immortality gives her the patience to watch her victim play his human games of politics, war, and romance. She knows they will stumble and waits for the right opportunity to strike. So she is confident in her plans and in herself.
She knows she is beautiful and powerful, and she uses that to achieve her goals. Cerena sees Tristan as a project. She wants to deepen his sense of perversity and broaden his sexual horizons and experiences. She prefers that he learn to appreciate all the various pleasures she can teach him than that he be trained for the throne. Tristan will have to decide what he really wants.

Prince Tristan.
Prince Tristan is ready to become what his kingdom needs. As a prince, he must have power and authority. But out of fear, the king kept Tristan out of sight. He also shielded Tristan from any real responsibility. Thus Tristan remained in a state of constant readiness. Noble, valiant, ready for battle, ready for life with his duchess and always ready for sex. With nothing but concern for his own pleasure, Tristan has honed his skills and carnal knowledge to a deadly limit. When Tristan learns of the agreement with the vampires that his ancestors were forced to make, he is forced to act immediately. But he has no idea how bad it could turn out for him. Or very right.

Duchess Sophia.
Duchess Sophia has every intention of having Prince Tristan make her queen. Smart and terrific, Sophia thrives on court life, while Tristan craves adventure. She is a lady in every sense, and while she likes being taught, which makes her cringe, sometimes she just can't make the wrong move. She needs to learn how to unbutton her bodice, but being chained to a life of couture, she may never get that experience. Sophia loves Tristan and the promise of their future life together, but she worries about his fate on this adventure. Will Tristan return and redeem his night of anal with her?
Special thanks to John Doe123 for version 1-1

Video quality: WEB-DL
Video format: MP4
Video codec: MPEG4 Video (H264)
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 30fps 9925kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 317kbps

Bloodlust Cerene (Affect3D Miro)


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