Tentacle Brainwashing R / Ver: 1.0
Hentai Games 17-08-2023, 02:45
Control the tentacle monster "Ruth", Hiding or running away from enemies (villagers) Raping and brainwashing the village girls in this exploratory adventure role-playing game *This work is
1 429
Lolibabas of Mayohiga / Ver: Final
Hentai Games 10-08-2023, 02:53
Every year the main character visits his grandfather who lives in the village. There is no one there to play with at his age, so he wanders alone in the nearest forest. Deep in this forest, there is
1 318
Futanari Alchemist Triss Is Horny For Sex! ~It's Not Rape If They Eventually Enjoy It~ / Ver: 2.00
Hentai Games 25-12-2022, 02:56
Triss is a journeying alchemist in search of ingredients for a certain medicine. She happens upon a small village rumored to have once sold those very ingredients, and decides to stick around a
33 778
Hentai Games 22-06-2022, 02:30
A young man working at an Akihabara-based agency that manages underground idol groups has been ordered to discover new idols by his boss. Now, he's at the end of his rope. The protagonist is at a
3 931
Gyarukano! ~Wagamama Body na Honpou Kanojo~
Hentai Games 22-06-2022, 02:12
The protagonist and Kazuyori are two lovers who started dating by pure chance. Their hobbies and tastes are completely opposite, but they get along very well and spend their days enjoying each
3 825
Highway Blossoms Remastered
Hentai Games 27-05-2022, 03:20
A visual novel about love, the events of which are set in the southwestern United States. A young girl named Amber travels to California to fulfill her late grandfather's last wish, to attend a
2 987
Chasing Tails A Promise in the Snow
Hentai Games 26-05-2022, 12:47
June moves to a small town to get away from trouble... but gets into even more trouble! Gosh, gosh, why does she keep getting into bad situations?! Is June's new house haunted? Well, that's only
5 320
Ore o Mikudasu Celeb Tsuma no Do M Ganbou Shinkankaku Animation Novel Tsuma Kan 2
Hentai Games 26-05-2022, 12:42
One day, Kazuma Kinosaki notices a beautiful woman shoplifting at a convenience store. When he later attends a class reunion for the first time since graduating ten years ago, he meets his former
6 362
Jinrui Saikyou Seiyoku no Yome no Jikka
Hentai Games 26-05-2022, 12:18
"My dream is to be a pussy pet till the day I die!" Meet Meko Iio, the heroine of Rinko Kouguchi Series Vol. 2! She has a pussy so exceptionally pleasurable that it should be declared a
4 964
Jinrui Saikyou Seiyoku no Yome: Kouguchi Rinko
Hentai Games 26-05-2022, 05:19
In a world of prudes, a single woman makes her husband stand erect against the status quo and face the world with balls of steel. Horne Doug is a normal, limp everyday man with an unfortunate name,
2 774
Josou de Sennyuu! Futanari Jogakuin ~Baretara Ikenai Taiken Nyuugaku~
Hentai Games 13-08-2021, 01:25
St. Demi Lune Girls' Academy--- This academy with long tradition is only for futanari girls of demonic races. I was driven into a trial course of this academy by my girlfriend Chroe-chan, even
11 987
Hentai Games 26-01-2021, 20:53
A girl who had sent a normal college life ○ "Riona" by a student Suddenly I was in a place I did not know at all. "Where the heck is this place?" With fear and confusion
7 297

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